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    Love Letter Delivery? Why not? (Job, Solo)

    Samira Nassar
    Samira Nassar

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    Love Letter Delivery? Why not? (Job, Solo) Empty Love Letter Delivery? Why not? (Job, Solo)

    Post by Samira Nassar 13th July 2017, 7:37 pm

    Job Info:

    Now having an iLac, a passport, and had volunteered for a blood drive event, Samira was ready for her first actual paying job. She took one of the simplest ones on the job board, although she questioned herself why such a job even existed in the first place. Deliver a love letter? Was the postal service not adequate? Surely even if the name was not on the envelope itself their anonymity would evaporate the moment the person read the letter. Unless the sender was much too afraid to even add their own name at the bottom. What then would even be the point? Perhaps it was not he right to judge such a thing. Love for another in that way was not something she was familiar with.

    She met with the client that had posted the ad who explained his love interest was a famous celebrity and that her tour was making a stop in Magnolia Town. He went on to mention how they were also childhood friends and kept very little contact with one another ever since she became famous. Understandable. People often lost contact with one another when reaching adulthood. So, her job was merely to reach the backstage of the woman’s concert and deliver the letter. Naturally the easiest method would be to purchase a ticket, perhaps even one of those that include a backstage pass. Upon asking for the jewels to do so, however, she was met with an embarrassed laugh from the man. He could barely afford to pay for the job let alone an expensive backstage ticket. Samira sighed briefly. Well not everything would come easy. There was a certain enjoyment to be had with challenges, after all.

    Samira made her way to the concert building, where many people had gathered and waited to enter. It was loud and crowded, but it made for a nice distraction. The security officers watched the crowd, their senses alert to everything around them. If any stragglers got too close to the backstage area they shoved them away and motioned for them to go back to the main area until it was time to go into the concert hall. A simple idea formed within her mind and required very little effort to pull off. Her hand reached down to her hip where a rather large keychain was hooked onto one of the loops along her pants. The keychain held four keys, one of which was gently unhooked from the chain. Holding the key out, Samira slashed it through the air and called upon the spirit that was connected to it. “Open, gate of the Avatar, Gate of Rain, Chaac!”

    A large portal that swirled of purple mist appeared and from its opening a dark skinned man covered in primitive armor stepped out. A great axe was held within his hand and the moment he appeared on the normal plane the sky around the area darkened and a mild rainstorm began. “Samira, do not tell me you called me just to make it rain on these people.” The voice Chaac was stern, that of like a father scolding a child. He was angry though, that much she could tell. The rainstorm would be quite hellish if he was truly feeling anger.

    Samira watched as the crowd ran as if it were an acidic liquid falling on them. Typical. Water was a necessity for survival but the average person hated the thought of getting wet from rain. The fact her hair and clothes were becoming drenched did not bother her, but perhaps an umbrella should be a requirement to carry around just to prevent sickness. “As a matter of fact, I did,” she replied matter-of-factly to her spirit. With the chaos of all the people running around and trying to go inside the security guards had their hands full. The one guarding the backstage area had even left it to help out with directing people into an orderly fashion.

    With the guards distracted Samira calmly made her way through the rain, panicked crowd, and approached the backstage door. Chaac dismissed himself, seeing as his purpose had been fulfilled and there was no need to follow. She opened the doorway and slipped inside. Now all that was left was to hand over the letter.

    Samira walked through the hallway as her green eyes looked for some sort of dressing room. It was likely the concert performer would be inside one getting ready for the show. She eventually found one and without knocking opened the door to reveal a rather shocked woman who tripped over herself as she screamed for security. Samira simply pulled out the envelope containing the letter and held it out. “For you,” she told the celebrity calmly and turned around to leave once the letter was in the celebrity’s shaky hand. Security finally arrived as she left the room but they left her alone considering she was leaving of her own accord. The letter had been delivered quite smoothly and now it was time to collect her rewards.

    (Word Count: 840)

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