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    Devon Sabathiel
    Devon Sabathiel

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    letter Empty letter

    Post by Devon Sabathiel 12th August 2015, 11:55 am


    "Hey stop pushing!"
    "Im not pushing you are!"
    "Stop it!"
    "Um excuse me..."
    "Erm, please may you let me through," Devon's quiet voice was drowned out by the shouting, squealing and shoving of the mad fans around her. They continued to push and shove the little girl about, not caring about whether they hurt her or not- only wanting to see their beloved celebrity. Devon would not have been here if she hadn't agreed to do a job for someone- give a letter to the celebrity. Devon sighed, it seemed almost impossible! There were way too many fans and security guards.
    Devon had been trying to make her way to the backstage entrance for the thought that would be an easier way to reach the celebrity however she had been proved wrong. Fans cluttered every single centimeter of ground by the door guarded by several buff security guards. The small girl attempted to push through the crowds once again but soon gave up as she was quickly shoved onto the floor.
    Getting up off of the floor she had an idea, she delved into her shoulder bag and pulled out one of her magic cards. "Prayers fountain," She said as she held the card out in front of her.
    Jets of water started spraying into the crowds of now screaming fans, drenching them all as they ran around trying to dodge the water. Devon smiled to herself, please with her efforts, the fans had now scattered and the security guards had left their posts in confusion. She sprinted over to the door and slid backstage.
    Inside was darker than being outside in the gentle autumn sun, circular lights dotted the navy painted walls of the long corridor. The corridor had several doors leading off of it, one of which had a large yellow star in the middle of it. Devon made her way towards it, assuming that it lead to the room of the celebrity she had been instructed to find.
    Inside stood a woman with long golden hair which shimmered in ripples around her waist,"What do you want?" the scent of flowers surrounded her being. Devon jumped at her sharp tone then quickly thrust the letter into the celebrities arms. The woman was clearly startled by the appearance of a random girl in her dressing room and by the fact that she had brought her a letter, "And how did you get past my security?" She asked whilst running her manicured nails under the seal of the letter. The letter opened and a piece of paper fell out onto the floor. "What on earth is this" The celebrity picked up the piece of paper and looked up at the space where Devon had previously been standing silently... but she was there no longer. The young mage had disappeared unnoticed in that short time the woman had not been looking at her. How odd, thought the woman as she sat down on the chair by her vanity table with grace, the letter clutched in her dainty hand.


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