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    Darkness Rises: Rise or Fall of the Hydra


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    Darkness Rises: Rise or Fall of the Hydra Empty Darkness Rises: Rise or Fall of the Hydra

    Post by Wolfe 26th August 2017, 3:35 am

    Darkness Rises: Rise or Fall of the Hydra D03175e7701eb2494e1eaef94493c939
    An ominous presence filled the air and gave a certain unnatural chill to the air this evening, and anyone out on this night was right to feel it. Doom, destruction, and evil loomed on the verge of the veil between the land of the living and that of the dead. Ardere had received word that and ancient evil from his home had followed him here to settle an old score against the clans he originated from. Wolfe knew little of Ardere’s clan, only that it had to do with his fire nature. However, what he did know was that it currently threatened Infinity Hydra and city of Terra Ignis. Luckily Ardere had received the warning of this incoming evil before it was too late, and  there had been time to prep and get some defensive precautions set up.

    Ardere and a handful of Infinity Hydra members were held up at the guildhall and awaiting a straightforward attack that was likely to leave at least some form of a scar upon it. The guild master Kite, of Sabertooth, was defending the forest and was meant to stop reinforcements from reaching either the city or the guildhall. Wolfe and a few other mages were sent here to Terra Ignis to evacuate the city and try to defend it from the obvious oncoming wave of destruction that loomed over the mountains this night.

    Wolfe and his team of Chris Seenter, a fellow member of Infinity Hydra, and Kenna, a member of Sabertooth, had been sent to Terra Ignis to try and protect it’s citizens and try to keep the town in one piece. They had gotten enough of a heads up to begin evacuating the city just as dusk was descending upon the city. However, night had now fallen and the hour of darkness was approaching fast just as the was the dark presence of the evil army that loomed over the mountains and specifically the city.

    Wolfe had positioned himself on the outskirts of the city where the blunt of the forces would be coming from so he could go full strength and cause as little collateral damage as possible. Chris Seenter was in charge of helping the last few citizens of Terra Ignis evacuate of the safe bunker just on the outskirts on the other side of the town, and when he was done he was to join Kenna. Kenna was in charge of protecting the city itself, to the best of her ability, from the Oni that made it past Wolfe, or found other ways into the city.

    Wolfe stood shirtless and battle ready just outside the city of Terra Ignis, the town to his back, with his eyes closed and his mind focused on the presence of the oncoming army as it rapidly approaching. He had already spoken to his two teammates in this dangerous endeavor and told them, that if either of them got in over their heads to signal him, Their lives were far more important that the city itself. However, Wolfe was willing to give his life for either of them, or the town’s people.


    ((OOC: There are 3 major types of Oni I intended for the thread. You guys have control of the minor Oni, However, I will be in control of the nasty ones.
    Oni Mask: These are basically floating Oni mask of all types, each one is branded with a mark of one of the 4 major elements. Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water. They use minor elemental attacks, and have ghost like bodies. Break their mask to destroy them. They are common and there are tons of them.

    Oni Grunts: These come in two flavors, Ogres that have Oni mask on, and plain armored Samurai with Oni style mask. The Orges are about 10-12 feet tall and tend to wield large swords, or Kanabō (a spiked or studded two-handed war club). The Samurai are also abut 10-12 feet tall, and wield appropriate sized Katana, Wakizashi, and Tantō types swords.

    Oni Leaders: These are the nasty Oni. These will be controlled by me, and will show themselves after many of the other types have fallen.

    If you guys have any questions, you can hit me up via PM, or discord, or Skype,
    Have fun!))


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    Darkness Rises: Rise or Fall of the Hydra QO55HpX

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    Darkness Rises: Rise or Fall of the Hydra Empty Re: Darkness Rises: Rise or Fall of the Hydra

    Post by Seenter 28th August 2017, 11:32 am

    ”Come on, we need to keep moving.” Chris did his best to direct the townsfolk towards the nearby caves into the mountain. The guild leader Ardere had told Chris of the caves once it became clear that the citizens had to be evacuated, and some of the leaders knew enough to get the people away if things go badly in the fight.

    In a way Chris felt slighted that he was to remain away from the fighting as a backup, but he forced himself to look at it a different way. The most important thing was to get the people to safety, and it took someone of a calm demeanor and confidence to make sure it went smoothly. It also meant that his skill was trusted enough to help prevent any breaches from reaching said citizens if Wolfe or Kenna failed. What he did was important, and he was to treat it as such.

    A large figure approached from the city at a slow pace, and Chris looked at it with annoyance. This was the third person who tried taking their entire house with them in the escape. With a sigh he approached the over laden man with his family. ”Sir, you need to leave that behind.” The man had a look of shock on his face, which turned into anger. ”I’m not going to leave our stuff behind just because some stupid mage told me.” His wife and two kids had a worried expression on their faces, but the woman looked at Chris with defiance.

    The man continued as if to walk past Chris but he grabbed the man’s sleeve without looking at him. ”Are you willing to risk your family’s life on that stuff?” The wife’s face paled, and she drew her kids closer. The man turned with his face beet red in anger, but Chris spoke before he had the chance. ”It’s not a threat. If you are chased you will have to carry that pack in a run. If you fail or fall behind you will be caught and killed. Do you think these demons won’t do the same to your family if they stay with you?” The man’s face paled, and the glanced back at the three worried forms behind him. A look of concern appeared on his face, and then a sigh of resignation.

    Setting the pack to the side he pulled out a few things before giving Chris a nod. He then took his family and continued towards the cave carrying only the things he took from the large bundle. Chris gave a sigh and relaxed. This wasn’t easy, no matter how much it galled him that he had to do it. A woman came forward with a look of concern on her face. ”I must ask, are we safe?” Chris gave her a smile and motioned towards the guild in the distance. ”Of course we are. We have the Fire King himself defending us.” The woman gave him a big smile before hurrying into the caves and the line of citizens continued. Chris turned a worried glance up at the guild. You better not make me a liar.


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