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    Find The Ferns (Job, Solo)

    Samira Nassar
    Samira Nassar

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    Find The Ferns (Job, Solo) Empty Find The Ferns (Job, Solo)

    Post by Samira Nassar 18th August 2017, 10:18 am

    Job Description:
    Job Title: Find the Ferns
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements: No more than 4 mages of any rank
    Job Requirements: Find 5 ferns. Minimum 500 words.
    Job Location: Any woodlands or forest. (Parks do not count)
    Job Description: Unique Ferns are tasty and all, but when people keep eating them, there are no specimens to research! That's why I need you to go out and gather some before they're all gone. Look for them growing among flowers.
    Enemies: None
    Reward: D rank exp and information on a medicinal herb remedy

    Job Approval

    Samira had been taking on more difficult jobs lately, usually those that leaned towards the more combat side of things. They were good for helping her grow and gain more experience in using her spirits to defend herself and others, but they sure were exhausting. She didn’t like it. Thankfully, an easier job was asked of her to complete, and it was one she could still learn from. All she had to do was gather some unique ferns for her guild and once completed she would be given information on how to create a medicinal herb remedy. Knowing how to create such a thing seemed as if it would be helpful to herself as well as others. She lacked any true healing power, and even if she had any it was not always the best route to constantly rely on magic.

    “Hmmm,” the summoner stood near the outside border of Spooky Forest with her attention focused on an open book within her hands. She read the contents of the page and studied the big picture of a fern printed on it. “Look for them growing among flowers,” she mumbled to herself, thinking the advice to be rather vague. There were likely to be a lot of flowers around a forest. Maybe the type of flower to look for did not need to be specific. Guess ferns aren’t fickle. Closing the book, Samira tucked it under her arm and made her way into the forest to start her search. All she had to do was find five of those elusive herbs and she would have her reward.

    “Out of all the woodlands and forests you could have gone to you decided to pick the one with “spooky” in its name? I thought the point of taking this easy job was to avoid fighting?”

    “Spooky is only a description the local residents have given it. I do not think it is going to be haunted by ghosts if that is what you are trying to say,” Samira told the spirit that had chosen to communicate with her. “And if it is, such things are likely to appear further inside. I will only be along the edges of the forest. Plenty of flowers grow there as well.” Just as she finished her sentence Samira reached a small gathering of colorful flowers. “See?” Without caring to wait for a response from the questioning spirit Samira got down on her knees and looked around the gathering until she saw two ferns growing snugly within. She carefully grabbed hold of each one and removed them from their home before placing them in a knapsack that had been strapped around her shoulders. Three more to go.

    She continued her journey and was careful to not venture too deep or get carried away in her exploration. For the few times she thought she heard something approach Samira hid herself behind a tree or bush until it had become silent once more. As mid afternoon approached she had collected the remaining three ferns required of her and just for insurance she found two extra on her way out. Now all she had to do was leave the forest and head back to Hargeon where her guild was waiting to conduct research on them, and for herself to learn the mysteries of medicinal herb remedies.

    (Word Count: 555)


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