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    [Job] Swimming Lessons


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    [Job] Swimming Lessons Empty [Job] Swimming Lessons

    Post by Calypso 29th July 2017, 10:41 pm

    As Calypso opened her eyes, she saw the same ceiling she sees everyday, a blank pink ceiling. Next to her is a window with a soft white curtain, protecting the inside from being exposed to the outdoor world, Calypso yawned and suddenly she saw a bird chirping by her window, the bird is blue and it is the size of a hand. Calypso pushed opened the window and said "Hello there little birdie what are you doing here?" the bird flew away at the sight of Calypso and calypso began to wonder why would it run away from her. Calypso sighed and rose from her bed and walked towards the kitchen, feeling her throat dry, she desired a glass of water. As she reach the kitchen she look for a glass and filled it with water. After drinking the water and eat some cereal, Calypso clean herself and her bed, closing the window by her bed and pick her violin up.Calypso was planning to find a job today as she is in need of money.

    As Calypso walk along the streets she noticed a lady, her face shows that she is desperate and her actions... she is asking random people for help and it seems like many refuses. Calypso decided to help her, as she is seeking for people's help. She walk towards the lady with a cheerful smile and asked, "May I help you?" with a rather sweet tone. The lady noticed her and she said, "Will you teach my son how to swim?" with a pleading tone, Calypso thought about it, she does look like she need some money. "Sure I'll do it, when can we start?" with an excited tone, the lady showed her the way to her house. They have a big house with a swimming pool behind it! They must be rich! Calypso suggested. When they reach the back of the house, the lady's son seem to be ready, he has already dressed in his swimsuit. The back of the house was decorated with trees and flowers, there is also tiles around the pool to be walked on. "Let me get changed first." Calypso said sounded very excited as this is her very sudden first job! "The ladies room is in here if you please." the lady pointed her finger towards a bathroom door with the symbol of a girl in a dress on it, Calypso is so excited, she started to wonder what her reward will be. Inside the ladies room, Calypso had a hard time looking at the mirror since everything there is shining like they have been cleaned three seconds ago, Calypso was amazed by the bathroom, as the bathroom is much more beautiful than hers.

    After Calypso wear her swimsuit, she walked out of the ladies bathroom and she can only see the boy and his mother is nowhere to be seen. "Alright kid, I'm Calypso and you can call me Sis Cal, what's your name?" She asked with a smile on her face "Oh, I-Im Richie, I'm five and I want to fish with daddy!" he said, trying to figure out his name at first and then ended his sentence with a really cheerful smile. Calypso was cheered by that kid and she felt that the boy is kinda cute "Oh that's nice,
    I am here to teach you how to swim so you won't drown when you go fishing with your father."
    the rest of the day they had fun, Richie started by using a pool balloon before Calypso let him teach him how to swim. They were in the pool the whole day, but stopped at lunch to eat. At sunset when Richie's parent arrived home, Richie can now swim without ballloons, he could also do many type of swimming that Calypso taught him. She and Richie said goodbye when the mother asked him to get inside and take a shower, then the father walked toards Calypso and gave her 500J, said thank you and left. Calypso as stunned there, she thought that she would receive more but nay she did not. Calypso returned home with a few money in her pocket but had a great time.

    Wordcount: 699


    [Job] Swimming Lessons Zna9xGP

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