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    Swimming Lessons Job

    Jiyu Kazehime
    Jiyu Kazehime

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    Swimming Lessons Job Empty Swimming Lessons Job

    Post by Jiyu Kazehime 8th February 2017, 6:14 pm

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    What was she doing here? “Ready to begin your lessons kid?” Oh yeah she had promised some parents to teach their brat to swim. “Yes!” At least the kid seemed eager enough to partake in the lessons. “Than get into the water.” this was where he looked unsure and she had been expecting as much. “But I’ll drown if you don’t go first.” at birth children could swim, but the ability seemed to go away as they got older if it wasn’t used, and they needed taught over again. “Believe it or not people float, so get in and do nothing except hold your arms out at your sides, and don’t clamp your legs together.” But if he was indeed going to go on a fishing boat with his father? This kid needed to remember, all of it, from floating to swimming. “But-” Jiyu did not really want to deal with this, but someone had to teach this kid to swim. “I said do it, if you can’t float than you can never go on a ship kid.” That should be adequate motivation and it turned out that was the right way to do things because he did quickly slip into the water, terrified and not trusting that her advice was actually true.

    “See? Not so hard.” she finally had him floating and it was a relief, it meant this might be easy. “You’re mean.” Oh that was brilliant, something no one had ever said to the powerful mage before. “I had to be, if someone falls overboard there is no promise they can be saved right away, floating is even more essential than swimming if you get stranded.” She did not really care if the brat thought she was being somewhat mean to him, what she said and did was for his safety after today! “How do you know that for sure.” Jiyu rolled her eyes slightly, deciding to appease the child slightly with a small nostalgic grin. “I used to live on ships, though I was a bit older than you.” and she was a run away instead of going with her father, if she wanted time with her father she would have overcome her fear of fire. “Cool, was it fun living on ship’s?!” Sometimes it had been lonely but for the most part it had been an amazing experience. “Yes, now give me your hands.” she had to get this thing moving along, or he wouldn’t learn today. “Why?” and this child was so determined to make her job more difficult than required! “Do not do this again.”

    “Kick, Kick-” She coached him softly until she stopped saying it. “Why did you stop saying kick?” did this kid have no common sense? “Because you're not an idiot, and I didn’t say to stop kicking, get to it.” He was so close to ready.

    “Alright, come here.” she was standing on the other side of the pool from where he floated. “What?!” he sounded as if she was crazy. “You already know what you need to know, so just come over here.” and hopefully it convinced him. “Alright.” it worked out and he proved he could swim finally.

    It was almost four when the child’s parents came back, the duo had spent the whole day in the pool. By the time the mother and father walked into the pool space? Jiyu was laying on her back in the water, eyes closed, ebony hair fanned out peacefully around her like a black halo. With water clogging her ears? Kazehime was almost entirely unaware of their presence until she felt water ripple from the child pulling his feet from the water, as he had been sitting on the side of the pool to take a break. “Hey Precious” the parents greeted their child as the mage righted herself in the water and swam beneath it back to the side of the pool, expertly bouncing right out with no issue. “Did he learn to swim today?” She did not know why they had to ask her, instead of asking their own child if he had learned to swim, but she was not about to throw a fit since this was a paying job. “Yeah, easy as pie, see ya.” with that statement she threw her body backwards, towards the water once more, finding herself floating once more. The feeling of it? Was an indescribable thrill only topped by doing the same thing in the wind. “Thank you Jiyu!” Hearing the kid caused the mage to crack a smile as she opened her green eye to glance as he waved while walking away. “Yeah.” It had been nothing anyway’s.


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