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    Swimming Lessons


    Swimming Lessons Empty Swimming Lessons

    Post by Guest 19th March 2020, 9:06 am

    There was a smile on Sienna's face as she watched the scene in front of her. Greninja, her water type spirit was in the process of teaching a young boy how to swim and it was the funniest that she had ever seen. The frog was not known for being the most sociable of her spirits and his method of teaching was a little more harsh than most. However, he had agreed to teach the kid out of respect for his mistress and was not having a great time almost drowning the child. The three of them were in the back garden of the kid's house and had been invited in after accepting the job. Supposedly, the son wanted to help his father with his fishing business despite the fact that he did not know how to swim, much to both the mother's and Sienna's disbelief. The mage found his courage inspiring, even if it was beyond silly to try such a thing. So, for the sake of all involved, she had offered her assistance in training the boy, or more accurately her spirits. To see the ninja perform such a role was quite enlightening although she was not sure if his way of teaching was working or not.

    It was quite some time before the frog seemed satisfied but eventually he called over to Sienna, who approached the side of the pool and waited. Greninja then ordered the boy to start from the other side and then beckoned for him to go. The boy took off like a shot and to Sienna's surprise, he swam as gracefully as the frog and at a pretty good speed too, at least at first. After about the halfway mark, the kid started to tire and his pace waned somewhat.

    "Come on, you can make it," Sienna called out, hoping to inspire some confidence, "If you want to help your dad then you have to be able to swim at least this far. What happens if you get in trouble if you're out to sea? Come on."

    The boy took her words to heart and ploughed forwards and suddenly found that Greninja was swimming alongside him, mimicking the boy's action and encouraging him in his own ninja like way. He did not help the boy in any way physically but was there just to make sure that nothing serious happened. After what seemed like an eternity, the boy managed to reach the other side and Sienna helped him out. Tired but with a broad grin on his face, the boy wrapped a towel around him and then dashed into the house to tell his mother, much to Sienna's delight. Smiling, she pat Greninja on the shoulder for his good work although the frog stayed silent as always although she could swear that he was smiling inside, satisfied with his work. The boy's mother soon paid the mage for her service before Sienna took her leave, after giving Greninja and the boy a few moments to say goodbye to each other. The kid actually ended up hugging the frog, leaving the water summon utterly bewildered and almost having Sienna in stitches.

    Mistress and summon then left the family to it, with a noticeably embarrassed frog suddenly disappearing as soon as they were out of the waving families sight.

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