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    Swimming Lessons


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    Swimming Lessons  Empty Swimming Lessons

    Post by MorpheusDavol 7th October 2015, 2:47 pm

    This was one of those charity missions Hayden actually would usually never take on but with the influx of lower level jobs and Hayden showing compassion for the family he decided it would be best to take this on for free. Instead this was going to be his way of relaxing for the day to avoid sitting inside today, might as well help a small kid out. ‘Low income family and a kid that should know how to swim- I suppose I can take this one on for free.’ Hayden thought as for a way to keep himself busy for the day. So with a quick look around the guild hall he took the piece of paper down before departing for the train station, to began the wonderful day of going to Magnolia to train a boy in swimming so he could help the family business! Ugh.

    The train ride to the place was interesting to say the least, nothing super extraordinary but it was a pleasant trip due to the scenery that accompanied it. Hayden spent this small amount of time in thought about the coming days, how he would feel about perhaps moving up to a C ranked wizard- it was an exciting notion meaning he was moving closer to his goal. Yet, he felt the tugging that perhaps he would be doing better had he had a team to operate with- something that has been plaguing the swordsman mind for days right now. None the less he decided a nap was in order and soon fell asleep only awakening at the shake of someone hand to tell him the train had arrived in magnolia.

    Hayden found the house of the fisherman easily enough knocking on the door to be met by two middle aged people who looked like they had been married from the rings on their hands. Behind them was a teenage by maybe at most fourteen or fifeteen that was sitting at a table eating a meal only briefly turning to see Hayden then noticing the job request in his hands causing him to quickly stand up and depart to the door aswell. They looked to be pretty common in his eyes but before they could speak Hayden choose to talk first above all.

    “I saw your request for a Wizard to teach your son to swim- I’m here to fulfill by the charity of Infinity Hydra.” He explained offering a smile to the family as the mother let out a sigh of relief at not paying money but the father was a bit skeptical till he saw the guild mark- that was proof enough for him. After a brief exchange with the parents about a lake nearby they could practice at the boy was eager to come along with him. So they spent a good part of a hour traveling to this lake and upon arrival would begin the lessons.

    It was… difficult to say the least; the boy tried to swim and utterly sunk to the bottom prompting Hayden to dive in after him. After only a minor drowning Hayden had taken to demonstrating helping him try to get his form right in the shallow end holding him afloat in the water slightly, it was a trial and error type of deal that involved multiple attempts and fails but progress was being made. After what was a hour or so the boy was able to just barely be able to swim, at least not drown- he had potential to get better and was eager but for now Hayden had accomplished the job. The boy could swim (barely) but enough that he could save his own life should he fall out a boat or something, Hayden told him they would be packing up despite the boy protest offering the advice to simply keep practicing. With that they departed back to the house and thus concluded their day- the parents still offered Hayden money but he shrugged it off he didn’t truly need it more than them so he refused.

    The trip back home was silent and again plagued with thoughts of needing a team… he had a few people in mind. It was time to make… the Vanguard. That would be their team name, they will be the protectors and guardians of the Guild allowing those that may not quite be at their level to have someone to look after them. Afterall, this was a guild about freedom but freedom was a right that needed protections something they could do even if now they weren’t the strongest.

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