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    Bully The Bully [ Job | Solo ]


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    Bully The Bully [ Job | Solo ]  Empty Bully The Bully [ Job | Solo ]

    Post by Ahro 14th July 2017, 7:33 am

    Job Description:


    Letting her crimson hues squint at the sight of the young boy, she eyed him suspiciously. She bent her upped body down to meet his gaze while her hands rested on her hips. "Well? What did you need my help with?" The boy shivered underneath her gaze which intended to convey nothing but curiosity. He stuttered, "P-Please." With a deep breath, he raised his voice and desperately said, "Help me with the bully who's always hurting me." Ahro was slightly taken aback by this. "A bully? Why do you need a mage for that? You can just tell him to buzz off." The boy, she recalled who introduced himself as Joey, stood there, stiff as a board as is eyes watered. 'B-but he doesn't listen. He's scary and h-he always hurts me. I just want to live like a normal kid." It was then that he broke out into a sob, silently murmuring sentences along the lines of 'wanting to live a happy and peaceful life'.

    Ahro, being the gullible and emotional imbecile that she couldn't help be and found herself tearing up at the sight before. Sniffing, she rubbed her eyes and grabbed the body before pulling him into a bone-crushing hug, literally. "Don't worry, I'll help you. I'll teach that stupid kid a lesson!" So with determination, she set out the following say, to do as she had promised. Reaching the venue of the small run-down building, she stood, Footsteps evaded her ears as she heard the sound of something smacking into, what she assumed, was a wall towards the right hand side of the building.

    With long strides, she approached the source of the commotion and in plain view sat Joey on the ground with tears threatening to spill from his eyes and a slightly bigger and relatively taller, raven-haired boy who stood in front of him. It was evident that the raven-haired boy was older and thoroughly enjoyed targeting the weak as a sinister smile was glued onto his face. Uttering nothing but insults towards Joey as he continued repeatedly kicking the young boy.

    This was clearly irritating for the silver-haired mage to watch. Fixing her glare that accompanied her angered expression, she strode towards the two and using her foot, blocking the incoming kick from the brat. His foot was stopped before it reached joey's body by her worn out black sneakers. With a light push, she kicked his foot away. "Oi, brat. What do you think you're doing?"

    Surprisingly, he didn't seem to cower underneath her heated glare but responded with his own. "Who are you, you old hag?" At this, her facial features twitched in pure rage, "O-old hag?" Inside, she was already boiling with rage for she had never been someone who was difficult to anger. At this point, she paid no heed to the fact that her opponent in this scenario was much younger than her. "You little punk, I'll teach you." With that, she raised her fist at which the boy was startled, and brought it down as he closed his eyes. Opening it as it reached his head, she slapped him with about one-third of her strength, watching his head being forced downwards by the force if her palm.

    Without waiting for him to regain his stature, she grabbed his head and raised it, bending down in the process to ensure that they're on eye level. She tightened her grip around his head and watched fear finally seep into his eyes and his pained expression was made rather evident. "Listen here, you pest. If you ever lay a hand-no, even look at this boy here-" She tilted her head slightly to point at Joey who was watching the scene play out, "-I will not settle with just this much." She gripped his head tighter until he squirmed in pain, "Do you understand?"

    It seemed that the boy understood very well what she was saying. She released his head and slightly pushed him back with her index finger and watched him stumble and fall. Gazing at her with fear, it seemed as if the boy had forgotten how to move. "Get going, before I feel like breaking you legs." That was all she needed for him to jump and run away. After all, kids were still naive but that didn't mean that she would spare him. She actually would have attempted to break, or at least remotely damage his legs, if he hadn't moved but luck appeared to be on his side. With a shrug, she turned and grinned at the younger boy, not only because she had done what was asked of her, but also because it was pay time!

    [Word Count: 781/750]
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