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    Completed FELICITY GRAY

    Post by Felicity 7th July 2017, 5:26 am



    Name: Felicity Heloisa Gray
    Gender: Female
    Age: Twenty-two
    Birthday: 1st January
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Special Characteristics: N/A


    Description: Felicity's personality is best consolidated in one word as street-smart. Having a mother who couldn't hold her craving for alcohol and drugs and a father who'd abandoned them, Felicity was pretty much taking care of herself from a very young age. By the age of five, she was on the streets fending for herself, as well as her mother. It was during that period that she discovered her magical skills and learned to use them to her advantage. This knowledge of her history is key to understanding her persona, as most of who she is today has been shaped by these early experiences. Independence, ruthlessness and a survivor-attitude are three key components of Felicity's personality, and all three happen to be derived from her past.

    The first thing people notice after meeting Felicity is that she exudes confidence and charisma. This is an outward characteristic, and almost a husk of her real self. The woman is a sweet-talker for the sake of being likable and achieving her end-goals, not out of some instinctive goodness of her nature. She mostly puts on this show with authoritative figures that intimidate her or people from whom she has to extract something for herself. But when with someone who doesn't fall in either of those categories, she's very much her sarcastic and blunt self. She also happens to curse in a way that'd make a sailor blush.

    When it comes to her relationships with people, Felicity keeps everything to a bare minimum. Friendships, loves, even hatred, she pretends to have no time for. Relationships of any kind with others bog her down emotionally, and she feels like nobody can be trusted enough to form any attachment. Maybe this has taken root from the abandonment issues of her childhood, but its baggage is troublesome enough to be carried into her adulthood. However, the underlying note here is that - once again - Felicity does a great job at hiding her detachment beneath a facade of friendliness. She's very good at making people feel as if she cares about them, and does not shy away from using acts of kindness or even physical acts of love to perfectly convey her sentiments. One can occasionally find her getting close to people - only to emotionally manipulate them for her own amusement.

    There's a severe lack of patience and a streak of ruthlessness in most of Felicity's actions. Life on the streets was a game of kill or be killed, and the woman embodies it a little too well. Instead of waiting for three hours to get a document from a Government office, Felicity would much rather steal or forge her document in under twenty minutes. And if caught by somebody in the process, she kills them without another thought. Her sense of steering clear from all kinds of trouble is a bit foggy - as she'll willingly put herself in dangerous situations and then kill witnesses for saving herself from the repercussions.

    When it comes to her personality in the battlefield, it's very reminiscent of her day-to-day self. Felicity fights in an absolutely detached manner, seemingly taking no pleasure from either winning or losing the battle. She aims to make a quick, easy and clean job out of every conflict that she takes part in, while keeping her wits about her all the time. The only time she can be seen worried is when anything threatens her life or something equally important to her. Then there's a high possibility that she begins attacking callously as last means and soon attempts to flee from the situation.

    Coming to leadership, since a figure of leadership is one of her fears, it's implied that her relationship with authority is terrible. Felicity is a follower of the worst kind, preferring to do things of her own volition, a tendency emerging from her general lack of trust for people. As a leader herself, she uses her charisma to her advantage and tries to keep things smooth, but prefers to allow everybody freedom to work on their own and play to their key strengths.

    The Arts; Despite having lived on the streets for the entirety of her life, Felicity has curiously developed a keen eye for the arts. In fact, she's rather adamant that she has better taste than the long-nosed aristocrats who are schooled in the same fields since a very young age. She's passionate about literature and sculpture and painting and music in ways that she'll never dare voice to other people for fear of being considered an artsy pansy. But in the privacy of solitude, she'll uninhibitedly engage in these interests for long hours.
    Disguises; Just an interest that she's developed off her experiences. It started off as a useful skill for escaping the eye of law enforcement, and later developed into some sort of an obsession with collecting as many disguises as possible. Felicity also enjoys creating different personas for her varied disguises and loves to make her as indistinguishable as possible. In another life, she would've done quite well as an actress.
    Pick-pocketing; Another survival skill that came very handy in her younger years. Grew into an interest because of all the interesting objects that fell into her hands over the years. She has a small collection stashed away in her cupboard.

    Rules; She just isn't very fond of restrictions, perhaps due to nurture, perhaps due to nature. In her opinion, rules inhibit potential at the price of security, and it isn't a fair trade off.
    Rigidity; This refers to rigidity in the personalities of people. Felicity prefers the people around her to be open-minded and accepting of new experiences, and feels that the world would be a better place if everyone wasn't so damn uptight all the time. Approaching anyone or anything with preconceived notions is the worst crime any person could commit.
    Self-righteousness; This ties into her other dislikes; a hatred for anyone assuming the morally superior ground. Felicity believes that people have their own reasons for being the the way they are, and anybody who drop in to tell others that they're wrong from a moral stand-point should eat a pile of shit. Since this is a trait common among legal guild members, she has a hard time respecting them.

    Independence; Felicity strives to be independent no matter what she does. She might be committing crimes for her survival, but that isn't shameful within her moral system. What is pathetic indeed is being dependent on somebody or something else as a source of support or guidance.
    Survival; Felicity appreciates life the way it is. It's crap for the most par and throws tonnes of hardships her way, but it's still a gift. She believes that she's gone through too much to reach where she is today, and will go to any lengths to continue in that place.
    Money; It makes the world go round, honey.

    Law Enforcement; What else do you expect from someone who grew up taking part in petty crimes and was caught quite often? The experiences were quite horrifying for her younger self, and the realization that being part of Dark Guild now will bring about worse punishments, scares her to death.
    Captivity; Ties in with the fear of Law Enforcement, a fear of captivity, specifically the idea of rotting away in some jail.
    A Leader; Felicity does best under her own will, while leaders can spell trouble for her. Her approach towards conflict is unique and doesn't match with those of her superiors, and that intimidates her quite often. Besides, the whole boot-licking part of being a subordinate is extremely unappealing to her personality.

    General Appearance


    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 120 lbs
    Hair: Black in color, and cut short to the middle of her ears.
    Eyes: Deep-grey.
    Skin Tone: A healthy pale, with yellow undertones.
    Appearance: Felicity is a woman gifted with a proportionate body, which she maintains well by keeping her diet under control and partaking in physical exercises. She towers slightly above her fellow women, which can make her seem quite slender - but not unhealthily so. She has just enough flesh to hide her bones, and tries to wear clothes which flatter her body type. Her fashion sense is clean and simple and comfortable; mostly consisting of neutral and pastel colors and designed in ways which are neither prudish nor entirely revealing. When it comes to accessories, Felicity has quite a few piercings and tattoos to speak of. The tattoos are of some importance to her, but she tries to not go overboard with them by always choosing the most minimalist designs. The woman is a stickler for the au naturale look, and wouldn't touch make-up on the pretense that it makes her - in her very own words - look trashy.


    Guild: Savage Skull
    Tattoo: On the small of her back, black in color.
    Rank: D-Rank



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    Completed Re: FELICITY GRAY

    Post by Godlike Frederik 11th July 2017, 1:45 am

    my gawd, she ugly. approved


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