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    a new wine


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    a new wine  Empty a new wine

    Post by emeraldchaos 11th June 2017, 6:10 pm

    Kino arrives in the beautiful rose garden where his next job is to take place.this jobs was odd for kino as he never heard of someone asking for a wizard to taste wine but a job is a job.Kino makes his way toward the huge and empty restaurant the streets were barren this morning not a surprise kino thought as it was early in the morning.Kino enters the dinner to find the owner lugging out 3 different barrels of wine he places the last barrel down as he turns towards kino and smiles brightly and says Mr tramer i am glad you could make it i was beginning to worry,my apologies but the scenery was too beautiful not to appreciate.the owner just laughs yes it is a beautiful day even better once you get a taste of these 3 wines i have made each one is the same but with different accents in them to affect the flavor.kino sits downs and prepares to taste the first glass a blue as the sea was, kino takes a big whiff as the smell of blueberries and mint as he sips it he is pleased to taste all of the mint and blueberries that he smelt as he sets it down he can only wonder what else awaits him for if the first was good the other 2 must be as well.Kino grabs the second one a deep brown reminds of him of the earth a swift smell reveals hints of carrots and potatoes to which surprises kino a taste reviles the flavors of the earth including rhubarb,kino sets down the 2nd glass it was a bit off putting however it was not bad kino braces himself for the last glass which he hopes will be a winner kino picks up the last glass and brings it close for a smell as he pulls away he smells a bunch of fruit including apples grapes and cherries the color reminds kino of a beautiful garden kino takes a big sip and is very pleased to taste a bunch of fruit and it has a very pleasing after taste to whic kino lets out a smile and sets the glass down kino think for a moment before speaking as he did not wish to offend.the first glass was very sweet but lacked some of the earthy feel ,however the 2nd glass by contrast was a bit to earthy i mean no offense how ever the second glass was not for me,the 3rd glass however was perfect the smell and taste they both complemented each other and made a perfect combination in my opinion the 3rd barrel is the one you should you use.the owner thanks kino and rolls the barrels back to the kitchen he then turns to kino thank you for your help i will begin to make it do you happen to have a name idea?kino thinks for a moment and says yes the roses blend.with that kino stands up and makes his way towards the door smiling this was a interesting job.

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