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    Wine Testing [Job]

    Kai Dehiro
    Kai Dehiro

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    Wine Testing [Job] Empty Wine Testing [Job]

    Post by Kai Dehiro 30th June 2016, 1:01 pm


    Tasting his food for free, a self proclaimed high class chef. Kai was very picky about the food he ate, this sounded just like the perfect job for him. Mirabelle would bleet once again before Kai threw the paper into it's mouth. The adorable little light lamb would gently nom on the piece of paper before eating it, ripping it to pieces in its mouth. How adorable. Well, there was no need to waste time here. The inn food was mediocre at best, it was fine time he found himself and excuse to get himself some good food. There was the fact that he could teach himself how to cook, but that took time, and Kai did not have the patience. Besides, who in Tartarus was going to teach him how to make a good meal again? Gil? Pfft.

    Anyways, it was time to depart. The hooded mage would travel on the dream rail like he would always do. Once that had been done, he would travel up and above his guild, far up so that no one could see the area where he had come from. His guild was supposed to be a secret from the rest of the world, and the Dream Mage not only knew this, but understood it. While he never obeyed laws normally, that one was an exception. It was an investment in the chaos that he planned to inflict in the long run. At least he was able to get over his obsession! The rail would land in the Rose Gardens, where the man would be located. Or his shop-like area. Kai didn't know how to describe it, too many words. It looked like a place for fast food. Was this the "High class" area where he was going to be eating? He wanted to turn away, but his stomach would tell him to go inside, and so he would do just that.

    Surprisingly enough, it was a rather decent meal. Nothing that he would consider the best of the best, for sure. However, it was not utter trash. It had a nice taste and an okay aftertaste. A bit of a tangy flavor, but overall a nice meal. For free. All right, I'll give you my review. You have a bit of potential, a small amount. I suggest you use it. Because this food is not good as it is. However, it is nowhere near the trash I have seen in other places. I expect you continue to make such meals and get better, only then you will become an amazing cook. Have fun. The Dream mage would explain. The chef would thank him for a review like that in front of his customers, allowing him to come back the next time for a free meal if the Dream Mage would like. Looks like something to look forward to. He'd hop back onto the rail once again with a smile on his face as he would then grind away, no longer having any need to stay at the Rose Garden. It was time to get back to his guild.


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