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    Wine Testing (Job)


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    Wine Testing (Job) Empty Wine Testing (Job)

    Post by Mitsuo 2nd August 2017, 6:58 pm

    Mitsuo Takahashi took a look around the absolutely gorgeous town that he had just pulled into and it shocked him. He had never seen somewhere so beautiful and that looked so classy. He could see the sun cresting over the village and shining through cherry blossom trees, the lovely gardens from which the village derived its name absolutely gorgeous in the late morning sun. The water in the fountains and pools was crystalline and absolutely beautiful to behold, the temperature of everything as well quite lovely. The stained glass windows at the restaurant that he was visiting for the job he had accepted were simply stunning, which at this point just seemed to be the norm for the area. As the waiter approached him, Mitsuo smiled and nodded to him, the man bringing out a bottle of the wine that he was serving to the young wizard and a glass for him to drink out of.

    Mitsuo watched as he pulled out another small battle, which was a decanter, pouring the wine first into that in order to aerate the wine. The decanter was poured to the widest point of the decanter, the aromas of the wine reaching Mitsuo’s nose and making him smile as he took it in. The waiter told him not to touch the decanter until twenty minutes after he had poured it and made his way towards the kitchen, being in the back for a little while before arriving with a selection of a few cheeses. Mitsuo was no expert on wine, being a fairly young man, but he had been told that generally the best thing to pair wine with was cheese, and he was excited to see what it would be like having the two together. The waiter poured the wine into the glass finally, showing Mitsuo to pick it up at the stem and not hold the glass itself. Mitsuo took a piece of the cheese, a lovely brie that danced on his palate, and then swirled the wine back and forth to further aerate it and release more of the aroma before taking a sip of the wine itself.

    The wine was made from fairly nice grapes and had a hint of oak and chocolate, though not sweet. It had just the right amount of tartness to counteract the richness of the brie cheese, and the two flavours meshed very well on his palate. He complimented the waiter and the owner, whom had showed up to view the wine tasting. The owner looked ecstatic as Mitsuo gave his compliments and poured himself a glass as well, toasting the young Fairy Tail wizard and telling him that anytime he wanted to come here to eat or drink, it would always be on the house. Mitsuo thanked him, finishing a glass of wine with the owner and the plate of cheese, before standing and shaking his hand. He would head back towards the train, leaving this stunningly beautiful village behind him as he made his way back home.

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