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    BLOOD DRIVE ★ solo, job

    Shiori Saikawa

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    BLOOD DRIVE ★ solo, job Empty BLOOD DRIVE ★ solo, job

    Post by Shiori Saikawa 20th April 2017, 9:52 am

    BLOOD DRIVE ★ solo, job WIjlryD

    Vesta Guildless D-Rank

    Vesta saw a flyer on a store window whilst venturing around the streets of Rose Garden, a poster asking for mages to come and help out at the local blood drive that often took place in a small clinic in town. She’d just recently gotten her passport and was a little beaten up from that exertion. But this looked interesting, and she wouldn’t mind helping out, she wasn’t really planning on doing anything else anyways. So the young witch grabbed one of the free flyers and read it, finding out where she needed to go she headed out. Walking along the bustling streets, it seemed as the day went on and the more the sun set towards the west, the day got cooler. Though not out of uncomfortable standards, it was still rather warm, the breeze kept it from the day getting to hot. Truly a great day to be out and about town, whether it be getting your errands done for the day, or just perusing the line of shops within the shopping district and getting some window shopping in with your friends. Vesta I guess could be one of the people doing errands, rather unintended but true, I guess it’s basically what she was doing.
    After a nice walk through town, the young little lady made it to the clinic. Upon pushing open the door, she was greeted by nurses and doctors going about their business. Some other mages, like herself, were helping out the people who decided to donate their blood. All of them a bit woozy after doing so. Vesta looked side to side before finding a woman sitting at a counter right next to the entrance. ”Hello?” the girl asked with her hands atop the counter, she looked at the clerk at the other side of it. "Yes?" the lady turned to face the young witch. "I've come here to help out" the nine year old said as she grabbed her paper that she received while window shopping. Setting it on the counter, she looked back up at the woman with wide green eyes. The lady at the desk smiled "Well I'm glad, please sign your name here" she said as she turned away and grabbed a clipboard with a list of different volunteer's names on it. Vesta nodded eagerly, then she grabbed the pen given with the clipboard and she wrote 'Vesta Sartaq' in rather sloppy cursive. "Okay, thank you, now I do believe we're short on servers" she said grabbed the board and pen and putting it back on it's place on the desk. With a point towards the right of her she instructed the witch on what to do "Head over their and if you tell those kind people over at the table that your volunteering they'll give a job okay?" as she dropped her hand the Sartaq child nodded "Alright!"
    And she did as told by the secretary, she headed over to the table and told her business, then she was immediately off to work. Holding a platter of delicious looking treats she walked around where the donors rested, asking if they would like some. Most did, they complimented the young lady on working to hard to help out, some said they wished their children where as responsible as her. Vesta each time just thanked them but turned the compliment back around to compliment them instead of herself, the she moved on. She did this for a while, going back every so often to get a new platter of foods or drinks. As she was going about her business, one person stumbled about to fall. Vesta set the platter down on an unstable perch to help the person to a seat. Turning to go grab the tray, but it started to fall. With some disgruntled squeals she stumbled towards it.
    Luckily someone appeared to catch it, that someone was her little lion companion "Leon? What are you doing here, I thought you were off eating somewhere" she asked in confusion, though relieved that the small creature caught it. Holding it with both paws and the top of his head with a grunt he spoke "Well I heard free food was here, which I'll gladly eat if you take this off my head!" he said loudly, struggling under the weight of the platter, his tiny wings flapped furiously to keep him in the air. She let a slight 'oh' out from her lips before grabbing it from the small magical creature. He panted and sat himself on the dish, upon seeing the delightful sweets, he chowed down. Vesta continued on her day with Leon, sometimes going to entertain the children her age and younger with her companion at her side. Soon enough the day was finished, she was thanked and given some snacks for her hard work. Which Leon appreciated.

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