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    Blood Drive [job/solo]


    Blood Drive [job/solo] Empty Blood Drive [job/solo]

    Post by Guest 9th April 2016, 7:47 pm

    of a culture that I create

    "Thank you so much for doing this." The nurse greeted her with a small smile, walking along with the mage at a regular walking pace. Astrid, matching her pace, returned her smile, shaking her head and waving a sheepish hand dismissively.

    "It's nothing. I'm always happy to help."
    Her first real job. Of all things she thought she would do first, she didn't think it would be anything like this. Though all the other jobs looked like they would have been better, for some reason this one stuck out to her the most. It was easy, didn't require the use of any powers, and it helped a lot of people. It was exactly what she wanted to do. It was perfect.
    Though she had never really been good around blood, this job didn't exactly require for her to see the substance. All she had to do, was make sure everyone who had blood drawn was okay. Serving drinks, food, helping the ones who looked like they were going to faint, entertaining them, everything like that. It at least sounded easy enough for a first job.
    Following the nurse into the main room Astrid gazed around it, seeing some of the other volunteers already hard at work, bringing snacks to some people slumped in chairs or ones with hands placed against their head. One woman was helping an older man across the room, hand upon his back to support him as he wobbled around. Woman, men, children, many different kinds of people were here already even though the drive had only started about an hour ago.
    Clenching the handle of her pink violin case tightly as she stared out, the girl only looked back over to the nurse who had brought her here when she interrupted her thoughts.

    "Well, have fun" The older woman placed a hand on Astrid's shoulder, giving her a single pat and another smile before exiting down the hallway they had walked down, clipboard in hand.
    Watching her leave with a blink of her optics Astrid looked back over to the busy room, watching the people run back and worth between the blood drive rooms and the resting area.
    Unsure of what to do first she began to walk across it slowly, head turning about at every sound that was made by the people beside her. A child screaming, a man sighing, another child spinning around in a circle as his mother filled out paperwork. It was like her passport all over again...
    The thought of the memory made the silver haired female place a hand upon her forehead, letting out a deep sigh. Well at least it wasn't as full as that room, and she didn't have Lucius here again. She didn't have to worry about getting in trouble or having to deal with her wrist being snapped off her hand.
    Having stopped to try and erase the memory from her mind, Astrid was once again interrupted from her thoughts. Though this time instead of the nurse, it was a single, small girl, her tiny hand tugging at the bottom of her white skirt.
    She looked down, blue optics moving to examine her better.
    The girl hugged a well worn bunny toy close to her chest, looking up to Astrid with her shining brown eyes.
    Though not being tall herself, she still towered over the girl. In order to make her feel more comfortable she bent down to her height, balancing herself as she placed her hands on her lap.

    "Can i help you?" Astrid offered a smile, staring at the girl with soft, kind eyes. Was she lost? Astrid couldn't see her with a parent anywhere. Or maybe she wanted a cookie. Anything she wanted, she would try to help her.
    The small girl shook her head, the other hand that was not being used to hold the rabbit was placed firmly in her mouth.

    "Can you play?" She asked, eyes looking from Astrid herself to the pink violin case she held in her hands, holding a steady gaze on it, like she was fixated.
    Blinking her eyes at the girl it took her a second to realize what she was looking at. Glancing to the case back to the girl's face she let her laughter bubble in her throat as a smile formed upon her pale lips

    "You wanna see?" She asked, her smile turning into that of a smirk, swinging the case lightly in her grasp.
    Eyes widening the child nodded widely, her tied up her bobbing with her movement.


    "Please come again if you ever wanna help out!" One of the doctors waved a goodbye to Astrid as she left, turning her head around to nod and wave back before turning once again in the direction she was walking in, holding the handle of her case with both hands.
    It had been a success. After the girl had asked her to play, everyone had liked her music so much that she ended up playing the entire time she was there. For five hours straight. Everything had managed to slow down after that, as if her music had helped everyone with the process. The patients stopped complaining about the slowness of the service, the volunteers looked happier as they rushed around. Even the doctors seemed to be working faster, as they got more patients while she played.
    Maybe her music had brought them in... Who knew.

    Smiling to herself she walked down the path, tightening her grip on the handle as a surge of pure happiness rushed through her system, tingling her body as she remembered all the smiles she had brought to the people's faces. She hadn't brought them good, drinks, or anything like that... But what she had brought them, was happiness.
    It had been a good first job.

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    credit to nat of adoxography.

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