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    Blood Drive (Solo,Job)

    Grey Masar
    Grey Masar

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    Blood Drive (Solo,Job) Empty Blood Drive (Solo,Job)

    Post by Grey Masar 18th July 2017, 1:46 pm


    Grey had the simple task of entertaining and taking care of all the needs for volunteers of a blood drive,It was located at the Rose Garden,though he did wish that it was in Hargeon Town as it would be more convenient but nevertheless he chose to do the job because he was very nice and kind on the inside,but he really didn't want to show that part of him.

    Grey walked towards a train station and bought his ticket to go to Rose Garden,on his way there he wondered why only Legal Mages were allowed on the Job or volunteering,it was probably because the fact that dark guilds were simply just dark,Though he did wonder what happened to guildless mages maybe they could lie and put a fake guild tattoo? But he didn't have to worry about all that which was good.A couple minutes later he made it to the Train Station,he walked towards the hospital where the blood drive was located,it was a pretty small area but it was big enough for the blood drive at least.

    Grey was met by a lady in a nurse outfit."Are you here to volunteer?" The lady asked him,he nodded his head for yes."What's your name,and may i see your guild mark? I need to make sure you aren't from a dark guild..." The lady asked. "I'm Grey Masar,and i'm apart of Lamia Scale" He said in an annoyed tone of voice,he pulled up his shirt showing the lady the red Lamia Scale guild mark located on his chest.The lady put his information on apaper and gave him a plate with various beverages on it."Alright you need to give drinks to whoever needs them and also keep your shirt off,people need to make sure you are apart of Lamia Scale so they feel safe" The lady said to Grey,he was a bit annoyed with this but he pulled off his shirt and put it on a jacket hanger.

    He walked around the room seeing a large amount of Men and Women.He walked to a table of 3 people and put some drinks on the table."Do you need anything else?" He said in an annoyed tone of voice again,his cheeks did gain a bit of color having some clothing off of him but he was still able to take requests from people."Get a shirt on young man!" One of the ladies said at the table,she was most likely a mother of one of the people sitting at the table.He walked towards the front desk."Hey i need to put my shirt back on! People are getting mad at me for this!" He said in a mad tone.The lady told him he had to keep it off and just do whatever she said,Grey was getting tired of the job and almost walked back to his guild but he wanted to help still.He brought various foods and drinks from the front desk to the people sitting at the tables waiting to donate their blood.They all seemed to be satisfied and his job seemed to be complete,he walked to the jacket hanger and took his shirt,he didn't put it back on as it did start to get a bit hot,he waved at the lady at the front desk and said bye  to her.He walked back to the train station so he could get back to his guild in Hargeon.


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