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    Bully The Bully || Private, Job


    Bully The Bully || Private, Job Empty Bully The Bully || Private, Job

    Post by Guest 6th April 2017, 4:48 pm

    She couldn’t ever say she had been bullied. To be bullied you would first have be surrounded by people who knew of you, and Mia couldn’t remember the last time she really knew or interacted with someone to the point where they could pick apart her terrible personality enough to do such a thing. Sure, she got some weird looks on the streets, but that was because of the cat-like appearance. It’s not like that counted as bullying, they were just really weirded out that something like her existed. After all it wasn’t every day a human had feline-like features. Well, at least not a lot. She couldn’t blame them herself for thinking like that. Before she was turned into this she too would have acted like them. Even now, she still didn’t really like being a cat. But she would have to learn to live with it eventually. Neko wasn’t going to be changing her back anytime soon, if ever. She knew this, as sad as it made her. She broke his home, and now to pay him back she was his home until the foreseeable future.
    But other than the mutters and the looks that really didn’t count anyway, she has not been bullied… Unless Neko counted… But if she were to point it out he was sure to call her stupid or something. It wasn’t worth it for one of his smartass responses.

    The feline woman blinked down to the young, scruffy boy in front of her, tilting her head to the side with a confused expression, holding her hands firmly upon her hips. “What did this kid do to you to the point where you have to ask a mage for help?” Mia asked, curious to why it had to be a mage and not, you know, and adult or something. A person much better fitted for this situation.
    Sniffing and at the brink of tears the ginger haired male used and arm to rub his nose, lips pouting outward as he looked up to the taller woman.

    “He’s been bullying me ever since first grade. He’s given me swirlies, wet willies, put thumbtacks in my shoes, burnt my notebooks, and other stuff... And none of the teachers are doing anything about it, because he’s the mayor’s son.” He explained, stuttering over his words a few times. Mia blinked widely. Damn, that sucked. Tough life. Stupid stuck up privileged people, not helping a lower class in need because they were afraid of the higher ups. He really did need someone, anyone. Even a mage, since they didn’t care much for classes of their clients. At least, not all of them. Granted Mia was really only doing this for money all in the end… But now she was at least going to get even more satisfaction from this, punching some punk into the ground.
    Mia gave him a smirk, punching one fist into an open hand.

    “Okay then, that’s enough reason for me. Where is he? I wanna punch his lights out!”

    “Yeah… You’re not doing that.” Neko scolded within her mind. “That’d get us and him in trouble. We’re doing this my way.” This made Mia’s ears flatten against her head, raising the corner of her upper lip in an annoyed growl. She never got to do things her way, it was always Neko’s. It was getting tiresome. She had good ideas! They were just never… Thought out carefully.
    The boy shook his head, as if he was able to hear Neko and agreed with him.

    “N-No! I don’t want you to beat him up! Just scare him. Please-!”

    “Hey James!” A rough sound interrupted the boy, making him freeze in his tracks. His skin turned pale, and eyes widened.

    “N-No, that’s him!” Running off around the corner of the school James left Mia alone, only to reflect upon his last words. Just scare him? How were they going to do that? If she could beat him up this would be all over with in a second. But scare him? What was scary about her? Her fluffy ears? Or perhaps her tail? Even babies weren’t intimidated by her. How was a prepubescent boy going to be any different?

    “Who ever said you were going to be the one to do this?”
    Reading her inner thoughts appearing beside her in a puff of smoke Neko hovered in the air for a moment before reforming into a different size. He became bigger, a little bigger than a male lion. His fangs and claws grew along with him, giving him an even more monstrous look. Brown eyes looked back to Mia. “Scary enough?” he grumbled, even his voice growling a bit more deep and darker. Mia stuck her tongue out and gave him a wink, along with a sarcastic thumbs up.

    “Real terrifying.”

    Grinning and showing his extremely sharp teeth Mia watched as he pounced out of the corner and landed on top of the boy, pushing him into the ground with all this weight. He shouted for a good few minutes about eating the boy if he ever tried to bully someone again. Mia watched silently from the corner, a bit jealous he was getting all the fun of the job for himself. But she did get to see a kid piss his pants, that was fun. After agreeing to never bully anyone ever again the monstrous Neko released him, sending the boy crying off into the distance. Neko watched and a satisfied smile upon his black lips before turning back into a small calico. “I don’t think he’ll be back any time soon.”
    Still annoyed that she didn’t get to do anything Mia huffed, rolling her eyes as she walked out from the cover of the corner.

    “Yeah, whatever. Lets just find the kid again so we can get our reward.”

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