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    To Get a Passport!


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    To Get a Passport! Empty To Get a Passport!

    Post by Kanrya 27th March 2017, 8:12 pm

    As she reached Hargeon Town, Kanrya was surprised at how many people could fit into such a small area just to get their passports. She didn't know if it was how closely people were packed, or the heat mingling with the body sweat and the nearby oceans salty breeze making everything worse but Kanrya nearly doubled over from the smell. She had barely flinched when a young mother had run over her feet with a stroller due to the combat boots she had always worn.

    She at first had tried pushing her way through the crowd, only to end up nearly black and blue from the elbows in her gut, to kids bored enough to kick her in the shins. She had been sorely tempted to fire a shot in the air so that she could make her way through, but let's face it, that would have started up a panic, likely resulting in casualties and injuries. Plus needless to say that's what a dark guild would do. She'd have to be at least honorable for Sabertooth to be regarded in respect.

    So she plunked herself down on a small wall that surrounded a nearby tree, whether part of the decor in landscaping or whatever. She didn't care one way or another and enjoyed the sun. She was to meet the resident kitsune that was a guildmate - Itori was it? - for a new job. She pulled out a paperback book waiting for the crowds to thin to the point she wasn't mauled in the effort to get her passport to take jobs in other countries.

    She had often looked at beautiful photos of Bosco that the old man who had finally taken her off the streets and adopted her had in his home and his shop. As she read she guessed that she had always had a bit of wanderlust within her. It worsened when she was taught violin; some places sang of peace and tranquility, while others sang more wild and energetically. What would these new countries speak of as she travelled?

    She was pulled out of her thoughts as the area became less of a commotion. Finally! She could get through to get her passport picture taken and to give the necessary information for said passport. As she left the less crowded area she smiled. Here was a chance to finally go explore and take jobs internationally and rake in the optimum amount to live comfortably as a guild mage. She tucked the passport into her violin case and set off towards the meeting point she and Itori had set.

    Adventure internationally beware because here comes the young gunslinger that belongs to the Sabertooth guild!! She thought with a big smile on her face before taking out a cigarette and placing it between her lips and lighting it before walking again towards that one spot where Itori was waiting for her. Today was a good day indeed for a second job to be done on such a nice warm day.



    To Get a Passport! AAAieQW

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