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    Slaying the Pirate Kings - pt 1 - 2 Pieces of Seven

    Anastasia Isayev
    Anastasia Isayev

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    Slaying the Pirate Kings - pt 1 - 2 Pieces of Seven

    Post by Anastasia Isayev on 19th February 2017, 6:29 pm

    Job Title
    Slaying the Pirate Kings - pt 1 - 2 Pieces of Seven


    Player Requirements
    - Anastasia must be in the party
    - This is a Solo-only 100Y job
    - Must be S Rank and above
    - Must have an Airship

    Word Count
    25,000 Words Minimum

    Job Requirements
    - Take down the Pirate King Flag Ship, Arcanus
    - Take the plans for Operation Titanfall
    - Go to the Ancient Ruins
    - Take down the super weapon, MA-01189B 'Titan'

    Job Location
    Wakusei Portal
    Ancient Ruins

    Job Description
    A tip was delivered to me about the where-abouts of one of the Pirate Kings, Alena.  She was one of my mentors growing up alongside Captain Chernoff.  I encountered her on several occasions in the past and she is a nightmare on the battlefield.  She has extreme combat tactics, known for guiding her crew to victory when all seems lost.  

    I picked up a tip that they will be going through the Wakusei Portal.  I will start there and go through the portals to find her upon one of the planets within.  There, I will encounter the aftermath of her violence and destruction.  Apparently she is going through the planets in search of parts for a super-weapon known as the MA-01189B 'Titan', a massive Mobile Armor said to be able to cause absolute destruction if not brought into line.

    Follow the flag ship Arcanus' path of destruction before finding it.  We must board the flag ship Arcanus, find the plans for Operation Titanfall, and destroy the Arcanus.  There, we are to go to the Ancient Ruins where Alena will bring back the Titan from within the Ancient Ruins and begin to run amok.  My objective then will be to stop the Titan from reaching Era where a large gathering of officials will be held.  I cannot let the Titan reach Era!  It must be brought down!

    These enemies will not be rolled, but they will be fought in the order they appear.
    Pirate King Dreadnought - Arcanus:

    Dreadnought Class - Arcanus

    1x Military Grade Main Cannon
    2x Medium Power Cannons
    10x Small Power Cannons

    Tractor Beam - A beam that shoots out towards an enemy and pulls them in towards the Dreadnought.  This ability has an infinite range
    Drill Breaker - Once the target ship has been pulled within range, a massive drill can be seen coming from the hull of the ship, drilling into the opponent's ship, causing massive damage to the opposing ships

    This Dreadnought takes no damage from the exterior, however, destroying the engine room from within will cause the Dreadnought to burn from the inside-out.
    Arcanus Escort x3:

    Arcanus Escort

    When encountering the Arcanus, it comes with 3 escort ships meant for intercepting attackers and warding off would-be pirates.  These ships are very agile, as agile as Anastasia is in her Dragon Armor.  These escorts are very fragile, but their weaponry hits VERY, VERY hard.

    2x Small grade Cannons
    6x Pulse Missiles with tracking capabilities

    Solo Ability - These ships are capable of phasing through attacks and physical objects for a brief moment.  However, they are extremely vulnerable, not able to make quick maneuvers for a brief moment after they phase through something.
    Duo Ability - Requires at least 2 of these escorts alive.  A tether of extremely concentrated plasma is formed at the tip of the wings between the two ships and with quick maneuvering, they can bind a target while dealing heavy damage.
    Triple Ability - Requires all 3 of these escorts alive.  The blasters of the escort vessels synchronize as the trio fly in a triangular formation.  Upon synchronization, they fire their cannons, firing off a massive triangular blast towards an opponent.  This attack is known for sniping down airships.
    MA-01189B Titan:

    MA-01189B Titan

    Pirate King Alena

    1x World Buster Cannon
    1x Etherion Grade Cannon
    3x Military Grade Cannon
    40x Medium Grade Cannon

    Exion Armor - Energy Weapons deal zero damage to the Titan
    Concentrated World Buster Cannon - The Titan flies into outer space and points the main cannon upon it's body downwards, firing upon the land dealing devastating damage to the ground below and anything hit by the shockwave.  Can only perform this ability once per topic.

    100Y Job EXP
    S Rank Spell


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    Re: Slaying the Pirate Kings - pt 1 - 2 Pieces of Seven

    Post by Guest on 19th February 2017, 7:15 pm

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