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    The Eye of Odin [Tertiary Magic]

    Anastasia Isayev
    Anastasia Isayev

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    In Progress The Eye of Odin [Tertiary Magic]

    Post by Anastasia Isayev 9th September 2016, 12:23 pm

    The Eye of Odin
    Primary Magic:  Mechanized REquip
    Secondary Magic:  Dragons' Champion
    Caster or Holder:  Caster Magic
    Magic Description:  
    Anastasia had a close encounter with death while on a job with the former Guildmaster of Fairy Tail, Simon.  The shards of a cursed weapon had to be collected in order to put the cursed weapon together and defeat the demon held within.  With each shard collected, Anastasia had multiple brushes with death.  The brushes with death caused a reaction with her Valkyrian Blood granting her, what she calls 'The Eyes of Odin'.  After the job was done, Anastasia went through excruciating pain as the eyes began to coalesce and form.  

    Bright, prismatic eyes come and go as Anastasia pour magic into them.  These eyes have the capacity to do extra-human skills that she had never dreamt of performing.  With her partner Nao's Eyes of Providence being deactivated, she found this to be a blessing.  Her eyes shift from her already brilliant blue color to an extravagant mixture of color matching the rainbow.  She is capable of enhancing the magnification of her sight all the way to completely controlling a person's will.  However, she isn't capable of controlling a mage in a reliable manner due to their strong wills.  She can, however, use this as a means of controlling very weak-willed mages.  

    After using her abilities with these eyes, they return to her natural blue color.
    Magic's Strengths
    Magic's Weaknesses
    - Very effective on Weak/Normal NPCs inside of a job.  Also very effective against standard NPCs in a social RP.

    - Allows Anastasia to manipulate people's behavior based on what she finds convenient or what she needs accomplished.
    - Does not deal any damage

    - Does not strengthen/increase combat power.  

    - Not effective against Strong/Boss NPCs or PCs. If PCs wish to let the skills affect them, then that is their decision and their decision only.  Any spells that are directed towards a player require their permission to take effect.

    Spell Name:  Hawkeye
    Rank:  D
    Type:  Sight Modification
    Duration:  1 Posts
    Cooldown:  2 Posts
    Effect:  For duration, Anastasia's vision becomes exceptionally clear and in high fidelity.  She is capable of enhancing her vision's magnification anywhere between 1x magnification to 10x magnification.  Upon the end of duration, her eye slowly returns back to 1x magnification.
    Strengths and Weaknesses
    Magic's Strengths
    Magic's Weaknesses
    - Capable of enhancing her magnification to see far-off objects- Requires a lot of light to enhance her magnification above 5x zoom.  If insufficient light is present, she may not go above 5x zoom.  Insufficient light being (at night with very little light)

    - Field of View diminishes when zoomed in, removing peripheral vision.  Peripheral Vision is important for seeing threats on the side.  While Zoomed in, Anastasia loses her ability to track movement on the sides due to the shallow FOV.

    Spell Name:  Lizard Eye
    Rank:  C
    Type:  Sight Modification
    Duration:  5 Posts
    Cooldown:  6 Posts
    Effect:  Anastasia is capable of changing her eyes to that, similar to a lizard's eyes.  Her vision changes from detecting waves from the light spectrum to those of the infrared spectrum.  With this, she is capable of seeing heat-sources.  This also means she can see lingering heat sources such as an animal's footsteps and people standing around in the darkness.  This is extremely useful for scouting and investigation in low-light conditions.
    Strengths and Weaknesses
    Magic's Strengths
    Magic's Weaknesses
    - Useful for detecting living beings in a low light situation

    - Useful for detecting footprints up to 10 minutes before their heat signature fades away.
    - Not effective during combat as it cannot detect magic as heat (unless it's fire or lightning).  For this reason, Anastasia will not use this during combat.

    - Not particularly useful during the day or in hot climates as the heat from the sun would drown out everything else, essentially causing her to see nothing but color and no shapes.

    - Loss of high resolution.  Using this, she cannot make out exactly what is what due to the poor quality of imagery.  She cannot tell if the person she sees in the distance is a friend of hers or a foe due to only seeing colors depending on it's heat signature.  While she could make out friend/foe from the shape, she cannot positively identify as she would with normal vision.

    Spell Name:  Truth
    Rank:  B
    Type:  Mind Control
    Duration:  3 Post
    Cooldown:  4 Posts
    Effect:  Anastasia activates her Eyes of Odin when speaking to someone.  During the duration, the person she is speaking to cannot lie to her.  Inversely, she is also capable of lying to that person and have them believe everything Anastasia is saying is the truth.  
    Range:  Within 10 meters of Anastasia
    Strengths and Weaknesses
    Magic's Strengths
    Magic's Weaknesses
    - Good for extracting information

    - Good for misdirection of information.
    - A PC may elect to not be effected by this spell, regardless of rank.

    - Once a target has been effected by a Mind Control spell, they cannot be mind controlled again for the remainder of the thread.

    - This spell doesn't work on those that actually believe their lies to be the truth.  These people, known as Pathological Liars (or pseudologia fantastica and mythomania) believe their lies to be the truth, and thus may cause Anastasia to be mislead by the information fed to her through this spell.

    Spell Name:  Tabula Rasa
    Rank:  A
    Type:  Mind Control
    Duration:  10 Posts
    Cooldown:  11 Posts
    Effect:  Anastasia's eyes shift to the Eyes of Odin.  Everyone within the range are effected by a Mind Control spell.  While under this spell's effects, any memories made will instantly be forgotten the moment the spell ends or they leave the area of the spell.  The target will retain these memories until the end of the spell, to which they won't remember what happened.  They may have slivers of recollection, but firm recollection will be impossible.  Inversely, Anastasia can use these eyes on a single target to bring up forgotten memories, allowing the person to remember them; whether the memories were fond or hellish in nature.
    Range:  30m radius around Anastasia
    Strengths and Weaknesses
    Magic's Strengths
    Magic's Weaknesses
    - She can choose who in the area is effected.

    - Good to use when trying to keep identity hidden and to keep their presence unknown.

    - Good for story development for use in bringing back memories.
    - PCs can elect not to let this happen.  It is up to them whether or not the effects effect them.

    - Those within the range of this spell that have already been Mind Controlled by one of Anastasia's Mind Control spells are immune to this effect.

    - Capable of wiping her own memory of the events during duration if she sees her own reflection.

    - If a target moves out of range of the spell, they are no longer effected by it.  They only lose the memory of the time they are within the range.

    Spell Name:  Noblesse Oblige
    Rank:  S
    Type:  Mind Control
    Duration:  10  Posts
    Cooldown:  11 Posts
    Effect:   For those she lays her eyes on, she is able to completely get into their minds and 'rewire' the brain.  After the initial 'takeover' of the brain's neurological functions, she is capable of telling each person a specific command.  These commands can vary from "Go away" to "kill yourself".  
    Range:  30m radius around Anastasia
    Strengths and Weaknesses
    Magic's Strengths
    Magic's Weaknesses
    - Capable of telling an NPC (or player, if they allow it) to do anything that Anastasia commands.  - Not useable in combat due to this spell requiring time to take over a person's mind and giving them orders.  This amount of time would result in serious injury or even death - so it is not feasible in battle and will never be used in battle.  

    - Does not affect a player unless they allow it to.  

    - Once the objective given to them has been completed, the control will cease.

    - Orders must have a specific goal with ending.  If the goal is simply "Go away" the target can walk away a couple steps and regain their faculties.  Thus, Anastasia must give an order like "Jump off of the ship" with end goal being to jump off of the ship instead of something vague like, "go away".  


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    In Progress Re: The Eye of Odin [Tertiary Magic]

    Post by Guest 21st September 2016, 1:07 pm

    The Eye of Odin [Tertiary Magic] AESz729

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