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    Slaying the Pirate Kings pt1 - 2 Pieces of Seven

    Anastasia Isayev
    Anastasia Isayev

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    Slaying the Pirate Kings pt1 - 2 Pieces of Seven Empty Slaying the Pirate Kings pt1 - 2 Pieces of Seven

    Post by Anastasia Isayev on 24th February 2017, 6:23 pm

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    "Wake up, Captain," a muffled voice could be heard as Anastasia stirred awake.  "Wake up, Captain!" she heard the voice again, this time a bit more clearer.  "Wake up!" she heard crystal clear before feeling a massive bonk over the top of her head.  Shooting awake, Anastasia held her head, feeling the sting of a fist having plummeted into her skull.  She grabbed her head in agony before looking up to see Alisha once again waving a sheet of paper in front of her.  "Got a job for you," she said as Anastasia started to rub her eyes.  A little grumble came from her lips.  "What kind of bullshit do I have to do..." she said before being interrupted with silence.

    A coin was slapped upon the table, silencing Anastasia as she looked at it.  "An anonymous tipster sent this to us," Alisha said as Anastasia took the coin into her hand.  She looked at the coin with a look of dread upon her face.  Alisha noticed her demeanor and tilted her head.  "Something important about that coin?" Alisha asked inquisitively.

    Anastasia held the coin up to look at it before turning it over to the other side, seeing very much the same thing on the other side.  She started to play around with the coin for a moment before putting it into her pockets upon her clothes.  Anastasia turned her eyes towards the paper and snatched it out of Alisha's hands and began to read it.  Upon reading the job description, Anastasia cleared her throat and turned her eyes back towards Alisha.

    "Do you believe in ghosts, Alisha?" she asked.  Alisha laughed and waved off what Anastasia said.  "Well, let's just say this coin has historical significance with me; a ghost from my past, we'll say," she said before folding the paper up.  

    "Prepare the crew.  Not the mages, but the 'boys'.  Tell them they have 1 hour before we depart," she said before nodding her head and walking out of the Siren Song.  Alisha watched as Anastasia left the bar and tilted her head a bit.  "That's probably the first time I've seen the Captain that spooked ever," she said as Taliya woke up behind the bar, awakening to jumping up and grabbing a couple hand fulls of Alisha's chest in her hand.  

    "Oh my god!  I'm work more than someone to sexually harass!" Alisha said before delivering a massive bonk to Taliya's head.  Alisha held her chest, protecting them from Taliya's hands.  "You should go check up on the Captain, Taliya.  Something has her on edge; something about a coin that she received," Alisha said as calmly as she could; however her voice cracked a couple times out of frustration with having to deal with Taliya's perversion.  A massive welt appeared on Taliya's head, finding that little bit of violence being oh-so-worth it if she could wake up to a pair like that every day.  Shaking the thoughts out of her head, she looked at Alisha for a moment.

    "A coin scared her like that?  That's kinda weird," Taliya said in response.  Alisha nodded.  "She wants you and 'the boys' to get ready for a hunt.  So you all have 1 hour to finish what you are doing before departure," she said.  The word 'hunt' instantly made Taliya perk up with bright eyes.  She fist pumped a couple times.  "Ho yeah!  A hunt!  Wooooo!" Taliya said in excitement before rushing out of the Siren's Song.  Afterward, there was nothing but silence and peace within the bar.  Alisha took a seat and simply smiled, looking around the room to hear nothing; a beautiful sound as music to her ears.  The Siren's Song isn't ever quiet!   However, in the times it is, she relishes in those moments and uses that time to 'soak it in'.  

    Anastasia stood in the shower, looking up into the water as it quickly passed over her body with water droplets moving over her chest and down her back.  Her long hair extended all the way down to the lower part of her rear as she simply stood in the warm shower and thought to herself.  Anastasia had locked her door in the event that there would be an intruder.  That intruder being Taliya.  She wanted peace for a moment before engaging something she had to endure in the past.  "So, we're going to meet again, hm, Alena?" Anastasia asked for a moment.
    Flashback wrote:"Pirate King on deck!" one of the men on-board the ship that Anastasia was on cried out as all of the crew-members turned to look towards a woman boarding from one of the boats to the next.  Captain Chernoff moved his hand down to signal to everyone to not bow to the Pirate King that just came on-board.  Why would his crew do that when they, too, were in the presence of a Pirate King?  His eyes turned to look towards Alena for a moment.  The woman held a strange feathered fan up to her face, lightly fanning herself.  

    "Oh my, what a strange group of ruffians you have on deck of your ship.  A rather rude bunch as well, not bowing to a Pirate King," she said.  Everyone in Chernoff's crew twitched a little bit upon her saying that before Chernoff walked up to Captain Alena and placed an arm over her shoulders and laughed heartily.  "How about you handle your crew and I'll handle my crew, Captain Alena?  Sounds like a plan, right?" he asked before slapping her upon the back with his big bear-like hands.  Little things like that is what made Chernoff's crew respect him to the utmost.  He cared about his crew, even if it made his name look like crap in front of the other Pirate Kings.  

    "To what do we owe this honor of your visit, Captain Alena?" Captain Chernoff asked as Alena's eyes rested upon Anastasia for a moment with a crooked smile upon her face.  "Her," she said as she pointed her feathered fan towards Anastasia.  The crew looked towards Ana for a moment as did Captain Chernoff.

    "What business do you have with her?" Captain Chernoff asked in a sarcastic and biting manner.  Regardless of who it was, Chernoff didn't want to get rid of any of his men (or in this case, woman).  He found Anastasia to be a young member learning the ropes of pirateering and that her input and work was well valued.  

    "I would like to train her, under my wing," she said before Chernoff placed a hand upon her shoulder and shoved her away.  "I don't think so.  If you want to mentor her, you'll have to stay on my boat!" he said before putting himself between Anastasia and Alena.  A look of disappointment crossed Alena's face before she turned and looked to towards her men and made a hand gesture.  Her ship mates dismounted from her ship and sailed aside Captain Chernoff's vessel.

    "Now, let me tutor that little girl, hm?" Alena said as she fanned herself with a look of mischief in her eyes.
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