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    Antares, the Blazing Sword


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    Antares, the Blazing Sword Empty Antares, the Blazing Sword

    Post by Aura 27th January 2017, 7:22 pm

    Antares, the Blazing Sword Fantasy_sword_by_player_designer-d4i9an2

    Name: Antares
    Rank: Strong
    Type: Sword
    Description: Antares, the Blazing Sword, but more commonly known as the Stubborn Sword, is a weapon passed down from hero upon hero throughout the ages. It is said Antares originates from the Ages of Myth, and was created by a forging god to help a mortal hero on their quest for glory. The god decided to bless the sword with a mind of its own, so that if it were ever to fall into the wrong hands it would be able to take care of itself and repel the evil that would attempt to hold this divine gift. Antares was last seen during a certain hero's quest at Raging Volcano, where it was left after the hero was felled. Centuries later Antares allows the first human that crosses its path to become its new owner without testing the human, thus falling into Kenna's hands.

    Antares itself is a beautifully crafted sword, with a shining, perfectly polished 3 foot blade to cover its 6 inch black leather hilt. The guard is crafted downward and layered in edges, allowing it to parry multiple attacks and even cut foes with it. When kept in battle Antares' scabbard appears as well; a lovely fitting red scabbard with attached thin leather belt so ot can be wielded either around the waist or on one's back.


    • Antares, having withstood the heat and eroding quantities of Raging Volcano for centuries on end, has developed a magical resistance against heat or natural eroding, allowing for it to stay in perfect condition when exposed to the elements of weather, and fire.
    • Antares has a will of its own, allowing it to make anyone other than the one it finds worthy feel excrutiating pain upon touching it.
    • Antares can be summoned at any time, appearing in its user's hand as flames taking form.


    • Although it makes the unworthy go through excrutiating pain, that does not mean its owner is exempt from this. If Antares finds its master having done something unworthy as well, it will show so clearly by not allowing its master to touch it.
    • Antares is a fickle weapon. If it is treated improperly in the past, it may decide not to heed its master's summon in protest.
    • If this sword doesn't feel like helping out, or that its master will utilise its strength in a wrong way, it can refuse to activate any of its abilities.
    • Its peculiar built makes it steam incredibly whenever in cold areas, diminishing the wielder's eyesight greatly.

    Antares' Blessing:


    And be she but Small,
    she is Fierce

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    Antares, the Blazing Sword Empty Re: Antares, the Blazing Sword

    Post by Raiza 29th January 2017, 7:18 am

    Antares, the Blazing Sword JNLKxGw


    Antares, the Blazing Sword YdfXSKP

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