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    Deliver a letter and try not destroy everything.


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    Completed Deliver a letter and try not destroy everything.

    Post by michaelkeha 24th January 2017, 2:36 am

    Michael let out a bemoaned sigh as he was handed the letter by the hopeful young man this was a very silly job but it paid well enough and in the end that was all that mattered in the end."So what's this girl's name again?" the young man still a little confused by the fact Michael had no clue who Liza Elsworth was she was only the finest actress in all of Fiore but to, Michael celebrities were no his concern when there were more important matters to deal with like finding interesting new types of candy to enjoy or lovely women to meet. "Her name is Liza Elsworth" Michael nodded "So you want me to sneak backstage and deliver this letter to her" the young man nodded vigorously "Right well it's your money". Turning on his heels Michael headed off to the central plaza where Miss Elsworth was having a public performance of her latest play the Red Roses of Earthland which to Michael sounded like a pretentious, play, to begin with. The crowd had already swelled to preposterous proportions. Michael cocked his head from left to right trying to figure out how was going to make his way through this teeming sea of human bodies forcing his hand in between two rather portly gentlemen parting their mighty girths like Moses parting the red sea he just barely managed to squeeze by forcing himself deeper into the mire of bodies "It's like marching through the swamps of Galmernar only less pleasant" Michael jested to himself as he finally forced his way to the backstage entrance where two very large and rather burly fellows stood guard. For most wizards, the goons would be an issue that would likely lead to many zany antics that would all end in failure but not for Michael it was all a matter of time he waited several minutes shoving any over eager fan that tried to get past him till the door to the backstage opened with a snap of his fingers and a small burst of purple energy Michael managed to teleport in the goons none the wiser. The backstage was a simple enough area a plain corridor with several doors each with a bright yellow star on it a name on each star. Trying his best not to be heard given his large frame and boots was a far harder task than one would think on the very old wooden floors but Michael seemed to get rather lucky as the first door he checked was his quarry's dressing room. To Michael's surprise the door was unlocked he opened the door finding the room to be rather pleasant with a lovely couch and vanity mirror only made more interesting by the naked lady getting dressed much to Michael's delight and embarrassment "Have you ever heard of knocking" the woman screeched as she desperately tried to cover up her modesty she was a very stunning girl with raven black hair and jade green eyes her skin was ivory white with curves to most would be in the right places Michael personally preferred his ladies a little more fit and a little less petite but minor details"My apologies Miss Elsworth I am here to deliver a letter from an old friend of yours" she cocked her head to the side a look of puzzlement went across her face having at this point managed to cover up she reached out her hand to take the letter seemingly curious about who this old friend was. Giving the letter over Michael took a quick bow and with a snap of his fingers he teleported out the window letting out a sigh and a laugh "Well I should attend the theatre more often" He thought to himself as he walked off to go collect his paycheque when a strange thought wormed it's way into his mind he was reminded of how he met Luna in oddly similarly embarrassing circumstances.

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