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    "Oh man, just let me deliver this letter!"


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    "Oh man, just let me deliver this letter!" Empty "Oh man, just let me deliver this letter!"

    Post by Ahro 5th April 2017, 6:52 am

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    Crimson gaze couldn't help but befall upon the faded pink colored envelope, sealed with a heart, that contained the letter from a man to his lover. She squinted her eyes as her nose slightly scrunched in frustration. Seated wouldn't be the appropriate word; more like laid down upon the wooden bench located within the town of Magnolia, she held up the envelope, "How the hell am I supposed to get this to her?"

    She noticed glances of bystanders and by-passers giving her a weird look before continuing their way but she had little to no interest in knowing what they thought. Hauling herself into a seating position, she got a complete view of the crowd in front of her, all of them waiting to meet one person; the person to whom she had to deliver this letter. With a sigh of determination, she lifted herself into a standing position with one swift move and braced herself, "Okay, now that I've signed up for it, Let's do this! You can do this, Ahro!"

    With that, she sauntered towards the crowd but stopped right behind it, remembering her previous encounter with a crowd and winced slightly. However, the thought of six-hundred jewels motivated her for she still had to ensure that she doesn't get kicked out of her house due to the fact that she doesn't pay rent regularly. Letting out a breath, she braced herself and dived straight into the crowd, pushing and shoving others that seemed to be doing the same. It took her quite a while and a lot of sweating to finally get to the front but much to her dismay the woman wit long, beautiful blonde hair who everyone, including herself were after, was walking past.

    "Excuseeee Me!." Ahro yelled as loud as she could but that didn't work for the woman didn't even glance her way. She looked in front of her to see nearly ten men dressed in black suits standing guard. All she had to do was get past them and so she did, or at least tried. Moving past them, she tried to make a run towards the woman but the next thing she knew was that she was being hauled off the ground and thrown away from the crowd, "But I'm not a fan! I have to give her something."

    The man who had easily lifted her and thrown her had no interest in her intentions whatsoever and hence returned, without a word. She grumbled, "You will not stop me from getting my money." It was about time that she start using her brain and so she tried. Her brilliant plan was to follow the celebrity to her concert venue where much to her dismay, the crowd was even bigger. Ahro, being herself, moved towards the outside and spotted a window much out of her reach that possibly led to the woman's dressing room. Hoping that it was the case, she placed the letter in the back pocket of her black jeans and jumped numerous times in order to get a hold of the edge of the window till and finally she did.

    The problem now was pulling herself up which was rather difficult due to her lack of upper arm strength but somehow, she managed to do so. She was a little surprised as when she face was high enough to see through the window, she came face-to-face with the same bodyguard that has carried her like she weighed nothing. A cheeky grin made her way onto her face as the only thing she could think of was 'Uh, oh'.

    She had no choice but to jump down and run so that's what she did. Cursing the man internally, she walked again through a front and this time saw a female body guard. A smirk crawled up to her face as she had a plan. She followed the female bodyguard to the restroom when she internally apologized before slicing at the female's neck with force enough to make her go unconscious. "I'm so so sorry about this." She muttered to the unconscious woman before stripping of her shirt and placing it upon the female's body and taking her's in return. She borrowed the sunglasses that all bodyguards seemed to have as well as the staff pass that would allow her to pass through.

    She walked past the same bodyguard whom she held a small grudge against, wearing the sunglasses and holding us the staff pass but covering the picture with two fingers. She stormed through, not giving him enough time to notice and finally sneaked into the celebrity's room. Letting out a sigh of relief, she grinned as she had completed the main part of the mission.

    "Who are you?" The beautiful woman asked to which Ahro turned and removed her shades, taking out the letter. "Mr. Bryan asked me to deliver this to you." She grabbed the letter from Ahro's hands and read through it. Her eyes widened and she shivered before breaking into a sob. "I missed him so much. Thank you." She muttered and looking at her, Ahro could feel herself tear up. It was then that she heard footsteps and knew that she had to leave. "Welp, I did my job. I gotta go now." With that, she climbed over the table and out the window just when the bodyguards entered the room.

    So she spent the next twenty minutes running away from them, before she could go and collect her paycheck. "Whew, that was a lot of work."

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