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    First Date - Solo Job


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    First Date - Solo Job Empty First Date - Solo Job

    Post by Arz 16th January 2017, 12:54 am

    Zeno didn't know why he had chose this job, probably for the 1000 Jewels reward if he succeeds. Normally someone who asks another on a date should follow through on it. But Zeno generally didn't give a crap, like always, all he focuses on is earning food money or getting stronger. A few moments later, Zeno used the lacrima and had arrived at the destination with the name and face of the client, Izumine Kiriake, shoulder length blonde hair, dark blue eyes, muscular, standing at the size of 13 year old, five feet and 3 inches. Zeno had been feeling weird due to him going from the height of six feet and 3 inches to five feet and 3 inches. He had looking from the eyes of someone way shorter than himself. After reaching the destination, he waited patiently at the spot Izumine reserved for the restaurant date, due to Zeno's careless and reckless nature and how dense he is this probably wasn't the right job for him.

    Izumine had told Zeno that this girl was really hot and apparently one of the most beautiful women he's ever seen. Though that's purely on his point of view and she may not be recognized like that by other men. "Where the hell is this lady? She can't be that-" Zeno was saying as he was interrupted by an unfamiliar voice "Izumine?" Zeno turned around to see a woman who was the most ugliest thing he had ever seen. Out of too much surprise, Zeno had accidentally forgotten his identity as Izumine, "Who the hell is Izu- ... Ohhhh" Zeno replied as he suddenly remembered his identity. "H-Hey Lucie" Zeno said as he tried not laugh at her huge nose, soon after their greetings they began to eat, it turns out Zeno isn't much of a gentleman as he was eating all the food without even saying one word to Lucie. "So, how was the food?" Zeno asked after he had demolished all the food, "You ate everything before I could" Lucie said as she laughed while a sweat drop appeared on the back of her head.

    Zeno stared at Lucie wondering what he could say to liven up the date and then he got the idea to use a pick-up line, "Did you fart? Because you just blew me away!" Lucie began to giggle with a scary laugh, though Zeno was happy in the direction the date was going, though not knowing what to be his next move. As Zeno and Lucie were having a chat, a problem arises. "Hey! Is that you Izumine!" A man with grey wavy hair exclaimed while waving at Zeno. Not knowing what to do, Zeno had to make the clients supposed friend leave without the client losing a friend or a date. The client's friend is ruining the date, and doesn't know what to do. "Damn" Zeno muttered under his breath as Lucie sat their in awkward silence while the client's friend was telling her bullshit stories of his  

    After five minutes of the client's friend talking, Zeno came up with an excellent idea. Through the man's constant talking Zeno was able to figure out he was a pervert with perverse tendencies. A dark aura surrounded Zeno as he laughed deviously  "Muahahaha", "Huh?" both Lucie and the Man Exclaimed as Zeno leaned in and whispered into the friend's ear. As soon as Zeno whispered into his ear the man rushed away in an instant. Zeno or rather Izumine and Lucie winded up having a great time chatting an having fun, and Zeno continued to tell his lame pick-up lines which dazzled Lucie. Though not being attracted to Lucie, he had a lot on this job, I mean who wouldn't, you eat. That's fun enough for Zeno. As Zeno was surprisingly doing really well it was time for the end of the date, walking her home, oh no, not Good.

    As Zeno walked Lucie home, you could tell Lucie was really liking Izumine or rather Zeno. "So how did you get that man to leave so fast?" she asked with a questioning expression, if that's even possible. "Well through his supposed bravery stories I was able to extract that he is a pervert, so I told him a sexy lady was looking for him in an alley, But in real it's an old pedophile who's looking to seduce other men." Zeno replied making both of them laugh until they couldn't breathe. After a rather long walk Zeno had made it Lucie's house with her. "I guess this it." Lucie said as she blushed as the color of a rose, and then proceeded to lean in for a kiss. Zeno quickly grabbed her hands "Let's have another date sometime!" He said as he had just managed to avoid the kiss by a scratch. She blushed as she nodded and went inside, "Bye! Izumine!" She said as she waved him off. As soon was out of sight, Zeno changed back into himself "Alright! Mission Success! Let's get my food money!" He yelled while walking down the street as people stared at the loud-mouthed teenager.

    This was a surprise due to his nature, maybe Zeno is a ladies man deep down.


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