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    First Date [Job/Solo]

    King Gil
    King Gil

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    First Date [Job/Solo] Empty First Date [Job/Solo]

    Post by King Gil 25th September 2015, 4:29 pm

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    “This is ridiculous.”

    It was a ridiculous job that was put out by some petty commoner. A mere mongrel scared by the idea of going out with a woman. The thought was laughable, how could one be afraid of something so unbearably simple as a date? A date with an average, non magic using, and most certainly not a dark mage? It might as well have been a walk down the street for Gil so he simply could not wrap his head around the idea of someone not being able to do what he deemed as such a trivial task. Gil was no stranger to dates, or to women, and if the need arose he could most certainly be a gentleman. However, this job was far too easy and far too common for a man like Gil. Not to mention his own romantic availability was a rather complicated situation that gave him a headache if he thought on it too long.

    Janneline was a rather complicated woman that carried a complicated situation alongside everything. There was the uncertainty if the relation between them was supposed to be nothing more than a one night stand or if by chance that perhaps they were in some strange semblance of a boyfriend, girlfriend like relationship. Yet that made things between them sound childish and well silly when what occurred between them was anything but. Not to mention there was the fact that they came from two separate factions, a rather precarious situation seeing as either of them could cause an outright war to spark between the dark guilds. What it came down to was that Gil was frustrated that he was going on a mission for such a childish, innocent date when he himself could not have such a pleasure.

    That was the only issue that Gil had with this particular job. He couldn’t help but glance towards a window as he walked by, catching sight of his reflection. This ridiculous job forced him to take on the appearance of someone whom he was not. It forced him to change his already perfect image into that of a common man who was to afraid to go on his first date for himself. “Disgusting.” Gil’s nose crinkled in disgust at his temporary appearance. He would make certain that this job ended as quickly as possible.


    At long last Gil arrived at the cafe in which he was supposed to meet his date. Not to mention his client was across the street at the other cafe, watching the date unfold making sure that Gil didn’t steal the woman’s heart from him. “It’d take a miracle to win anyone’s affection in this grotesque form.” The thought drifted through his head as he neared the cafe’s entrance, waiting for his date to appear. He had only waited for a few minutes when his date had appeared, calling his client's name to get his attention. She painfully plain in appearance, and most certainly not a woman in which Gil would give a passing glance. Her personality seemed to be on the overbearing side, and much too energetic for his tastes. His agitation for the job outweighed the reward for the job, and a smirk couldn't help but edge its way onto his unfamiliar lips at the thought of how this date might turn out.

    What a lovely date this would be.

    The two were lead to their table, each taking their own respective seat. Gil made no move to pull her chair out for her, nor did he sit in his own seat properly. He kicked one foot up onto the table, leaning far back into his chair, and he held the menu up so that it blocked his face from her view. She seemed to be in a sort of stunned silence before finally attempting to make conversation, though it was completely one sided. Yet she continued talking and talking until Gil interjected,

    "Can't you be quiet? You talk too much."

    Now the woman seemed offended but she had only just received a small taste of what he had in store for her. Gil truly could be a gentleman, provided that there was reason for him to act like one. This woman nor the insignificant amount of jewels was reason enough for him.


    An hour later the date was practically over, the woman across from him was fuming with anger. Finally, Gil managed to tip her over the edge as he slid the bill over to her so that she could pay for his meal as well as hers. A cold glass of water and ice met his face, the lacrima that had changed his appearance malfunctioned from it, and soon enough Gil sat there in his own glorious form confusing the woman only to have her anger flare back up as she stormed off cursing him. "What an ill tempered woman. At the least she took the bill with her." He wiped any remnants of water off of his face, more or less content that it was back to his face. He ruined the date, and Gil had no doubt that his client would not reward him but Gil took comfort in the fact that his pathetic client would not be getting any dates anytime soon.


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