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    First Date||Solo


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    First Date||Solo Empty First Date||Solo

    Post by kittykool75 22nd August 2016, 9:53 pm

    First Date||Solo BGj480f
    Lucius Foss Guildless C-Rank
    Y o u   c o u l d   b e   t h e   c o r p s e   a n d   I   c o u l d   b e   t h e   k i l l e r

    Lucius want quite used to the guise of the young man who requested he do this job. Which he found was rather stupid, when you ask someone out on a date, you follow through on it. When you don't, don't go asking somebody else to go in your stead, its idiotic. So was he going to do this job as his client asked him to? Like hell he was, he was going to ruin his life for being just a dumbass. Was that the right thing to do? No, but since when did this dark mage ever do something good? The answer was rarely by the way. Now with the name and face of Alexander Lewis, short blond hair, bright blue eyes, skinny, standing about five five. The height had to be the weirdest thing for him, he went from his giant height, six feet and ten inches. To five feet and five inches, now he saw through the eyes of someone shorter then himself, he hasn't been this height since he was a child.
    The mage stood with his hands in his pockets next to large fountain, tapping his foot, he was getting himself into the act. He didn't necessarily know what his date looked like, but Alex said that she was hot. Which Lucius would have to guess what he means by that, first of all he didn't really know the young man's type, so who knows what he considered hot. Secondly, he wasn't really all that attracted to people in the first place, and especially not girls. He didn't really see girls as particularly interesting creatures, the only female he has ever shown interest at all in was his own elder sister, Astrid. Though don't get him wrong, not in a romantic way, that's just gross, he saw her as a sister, that he really needed to protect.
    Feeling like he had waited an hour, he was seated upon the edge of the fountain, maybe he was stood up. Which Lucius would be rather thankful for, but his wish crumbled once he heard a feminine voice speak to him. "Alex?" the young woman asked softly. Getting into character he instantly tood up and blushed "Y-yeah, hey Olivia" Lucius, or rather Alex, for how convincing he was. Stuttering his speech he didn't make eye contact with the woman, but yet still examined her thoroughly as he tugged 'nervously' on his black tie. She was about thirty, which was a good nine years older then Alex, suppose he was into older woman. Olivia was well built, and was rather large in the chest area, and was not shy in showing it off. Wearing a strapless dark purple gown, of which showed the majority of her cleavage while still being decent. Desperate much?
    They walked to their destination, Olivia did most of the talking, while the guildless mage attempted to reply but just blushed and stuttered. Though this all being an act of course, the green haired assassin would never act this way. He didn't blush, or stutter, he always spoke with confidence, considering he wasn't ever that unsure of himself. Excluding a handful of times that he wasn't going to let himself think about at the moment. When they got to the restaurant they waited until a waiter brought them to their table, it was a very fancy restaurant for rich people. Alexander most likely booked a spot to make himself look good, when they finished ordering their drinks, the dark mage spoke in the voice of the blond "So, do you like the restaurant so far?" he asked nervously as he scratched the back of neck. "Oh it's a wonderful place" she said in awe, examining her surroundings. Smiling, pretending to be happy at her response he continued, trying to think of normal date conversation topics. "So what do you do for work?" he asked politely. Looking back at him with deep brown eyes, her brunette bangs covering some of her face. "Oh, I'm a nurse at the Oak Town Hospital" she said with a sweet smile "Oh that's, that's awesome. I don't really have a job at the moment, still searching I guess" he said, letting out a sigh a he dropped his hand on the table. "Oh no that's fine, you should take your time. It took me a while to realize that I wanted to help people and be a nurse" she said with her stupid little sweet smile. Hiding his newfound hate for her, man how fake was that? 'Wanted to help people' who besides an angel, wants to help people? But then again that's coming from an assassin who hates caring and helping people, when killing was in his nature.
    Stupid conversations like these continued on for about another hour and thirty minutes, while this happened he prevented himself from showing any of his irritation, and having his 'character' slowly get more comfortable with her. They where on their last course of the meal, and practically done with it, just sitting there and talking. The waiter came with the bill, and they both grabbed it at once "Please let me pay" Lucius said in the voice of Alex, with and added smile. When she let go he signed it in Alexander's signature, how he knew it, you can take a guess. "Here come with me" Olivia said, grabbing a hold of his hand and gently dragging him off. Out of the restaurant and through the city streets, the street lights and the lights from the building where the only things lighting the streets. Considering the sun had already long since set, leaving a large starry sky spread across the horizon above them.
    Finally stopping at a lonely gazebo at the near edge of a river, it was far out and nobody was around. Just the two of them "Why did you take me here?" he asked innocently, though Lucius knew what she wanted, he would keep up the act. "Just wanted to show you how pretty it is out here" she said, leaning up against the railing with the blond. Smiling at each other, they stared at one another for a few seconds before the both of them going in for a kiss. After pulling away the two of them blushed, while Olivia's being genuine, Lucius was, as I said, faking. Only doing this job for the entertainment, not for the money, why do you think he disobeyed the requests of his client? "I'm sorry, this is only our first date, I don't know what I was thinking" she said, upset with herself he covered her mouth. "No, no it's fine" 'Alex' said, grabbing her chin gently, her hand dropping from her face as he pulled her into another kiss. This time he wrapped his arms around her body, she did likewise, though he progressed. Grabbed the back zipper of her dress he slowly unzipped it, though he face showed one of shock for a moment, she didn't stop him. The whore, she was practically begging for it since they greeted each other. Backing her up and sitting her on a cushion he unzipped it farther and started to kiss her neck. You can guess what happens next. After their little time of enjoyment, Olivia slept on the cushion silently, the sun was slowly starting to rise. As it did, Lucius was back to himself and all dressed in his normal clothes, glaring at the woman he turned an left, abandoning her there.
    Later that day, he found the young woman come up to the real Alex and start to yell at him, he was clueless and he stuttered in response. So confused the blond was, trying to rationalize what she was talking about without actually knowing. It ended with Olivia slapping him across the face, tears streaming down her face she ran away. Seeing that his evil deeds where done, he turned and walked away, off to his next assignment I suppose.

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