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    Date Night! | Job | Solo Empty Date Night! | Job | Solo

    Post by Seiken 28th December 2016, 12:47 pm


    Why did he continually put himself through such drags? First he had to go taste wine, then dealing with kids, and now he was going out to comfort of a very sad girl. He didn't even like girls! But he couldn't just let some girl go killing herself so he had decided to take up the job.

    "I at least hope she doesn't complain much" Asura said as he looked at himself in the mirror, checking out the clothes he decided to wear for the poor girl who had an unfortunate date night with him. He picked through several more clothes before he finally picked out a white T-shirt, white pants and a new white choker. Asura looked around his room for Chino but remembered that he had went out in the town to shop a little. He didn't throw on his usual dark blue cloak for this occasion and thought it was warm enough to not wear a jacket with his look. "Time to meet this lady" Asura said sullenly as he finished off the glass of wine he and Chino had the night before before heading out to his destination.

    About an hour had passed before he was in the restaurant he was suppose to meet her at. Asura had never seen her before which made finding her even more of a hassle but he told her to meet him in front of the large magical chocolate fountain at a specific time. He sat in front of the chocolate fountain for about twenty minutes before someone tapped his shoulder from the side. "Who the hell is touching me?" He said with disgust before he noticed it was a female "are you Asura?" She said sounding a bit scared. Damn he was already compromising the mission. "Why yes I am" Asura said in his usual monotone voice while looking the girl up and down with his piercing blue eyes. Asura didn't like girls in the slightest, in fact they where the humans he hated the second most next to children but he had to admit she was very very pretty. She was a petit height of 5"2' with shining midnight black hair that went all the way down too the middle of her back, she had a mixture of hazel green colored eyes along with fair skin. The girl also wore a short dress that was light pink and covered in roses, she was definitely ready for this day.

    "W-well I'm Carrie and it's nice to meet you!" She said nervous, "awesome, now come on Carrie and let's sit down to eat" Asura said to her as he began walking to the nearest table. As they sat down, they opened their menus and began to look over what to order. "This all looks so good but I'm already fat so I don't think I should get anything heavy" Carrie said out of the blue. Asura was dumbfounded at the random outbursts "You look fine" he tried to put some kind of reassurance into his voice to help her but it didn't sound like it. Before she could reply to anything the waiter came and took their order and bring them some drinks. "This is actually my first date, no guy likes to take me out" Carrie started to tear up a bit "why don't guys like to take me out? I'm so lonely and want a family of my own" she continued.

    This was starting to piss Asura off but he kept his cool "Carrie, I am on a date with you and I'm a guy". "That's true! Do you like me?" She sounded happy asking that but he knew his answer was going to break her heart with his reply. "Sorry but I'm taken, I just wanted to help you feel good" he bluntly said before she started sobbing. "Carrie! Shut up" Asura said with anger in his voice "you are a very pretty lady with a nice body, face, and personality" he continued. "You just need to realize that life is never going to go as planned and sometimes you just got to deal" Asura finished as everyone in the restaurant looked at them. Carrie stopped crying and looked at Asura for a few minutes before their food arrived. "You are right" she said solemnly as she began eating.

    Throughout the dinner everything was quite before Asura began asking questions about herself and she answered, he learned that without her whining she was pretty cool. "Come on Carrie lets go get you something nice" Asura said as he finished eating, put his money on the table for the both of them, and drug Carrie out of the restaurant. "Wait what?" She said as she was being pulled "I'm going to go buy you something from the shopping mart to make up for the outburst" he replied. They reached the shopping center and looked around before she finally picked out some cheap jewelry and a dress which Asura paid for. "Oh no, I have to go!" Carrie said holding her bags "my brother is visiting tomorrow and I forgot to clean up my place". "Well get going then, it was a nice date" Asura said trying to put a smile on his face. Carrie laughed a little as she pecked Asura on his cheek "thank you for the great date, you made me feel like myself again" She said as she turned around and walked away.

    Asura took a cigarette out of his mouth and lit it. "No problem, lady" He said turning the opposite direction going back to the hotel, he had to make it back before Chino noticed he was gone. Asura did not want to hear one of Chino's rants again after this stressful night with a lonely girl.

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