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    Date Night [Job - Solo]

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    Date Night [Job - Solo] Empty Date Night [Job - Solo]

    Post by Shiny Mirage 16th May 2016, 11:48 am

    Job info:

    Sebastian was quite exhausted after he was playing his lute for several hours with almost no breaks for the people waiting for their passports. As such, he slept in and woke up when dusk was setting in. /"There goes my sleeping schedule."/ It was true that he usually performed in the evening, but he rarely messed up his sleeping schedule. And never had he done so on such a scale. He was planning on leaving Rose Garden already, but since he hasn't been here for a while, he decided to stay a bit longer.

    He was walking around restaurants and cafés, that were filled with people chatting and generally having a good time. /"I really just woke up like half an hour ago, I'm not hungry."/ Sebastian was quite angry at himself for messing up so bad. He then decided that he would go to one of the quieter parks. Shortly after he arrived at his destination, and as expected, there was only a handful of people. He walked by empty benches, until he came upon one that was occupied.

    It was occupied by a girl, who was hugging her knees and looking ahead of herself. Sebastian felt like he was punched by a fist from the past. He knew and well recognized that look. The look of a person who has nothing but emptiness inside them. /"It's about time I repaid the favour."/ He thought to himself, as he cautiously approached the girl and sat on the same bench. Not quite next to her, he gave her her space. Slightly leaning forward, he would ask, quietly. "What made you feel this way?" She just kept on looking ahead of herself. Sebastian wasn't in a hurry and he knew it's best to take time with these kind of things.

    Eventually she would speak up. "Nobody ever cared. Nobody ever listens to me. Not my friends, my boyfriend nor my bloody parents." Sebastian made sure to note everything she said in his head. "You know what my boyfriend did?" She asked fiercely as she turned her head to Sebastian. "Please, tell me." He would say, softly. "He broke up with me on damn Valentine's day! Said that he need to 'go find himself'!" She was getting angry at past. At least she was talking about it and didn't have the empty look, for the time being. "Well, he could've had a better reasoning, at least." "What do you mean by that?! I'm here, on verge of taking my life and-!" She was truly getting furious, but Sebastian cut her off.

    "It is better to see you angry, than with those empty eyes. When I saw you, I pretty much saw myself from few years back." He knew that she wanted to say something, but she stayed quiet. "I know how it feels to be on verge of suicide. I also had that look." Sebastian would take off his white mask, revealing his face, which he hasn't done in front of anyone else before. "I tried fighting it for days, but I finally gave up, once I saw that beautiful bridge." He fiddled with his mask a little and as he kept on talking the girl's angry face slowly transformed to one filled with sadness. "I did it. I threw myself. But at the very last possible second, I was saved. Of course, I was furious. I wanted to end it." He would chuckle a little at those sad memories. "I was saved by a young couple, who explained to me that no matter how low my life gets, there is always someone who will be with you. Always." He would finally look into the girl's eyes. "And if there's none, I'm willing to be that person for you."

    The girl was speechless. Tears formed in her eyes as she spoke. "I... Thank you. Thank you." She said as the tears rolled down her face. Sebastian would smile and put his mask back on. He would then stand up and search around in one of his pouches. He would pull out a small piece of paper with something scribbled over it. An iLac code. "As I'm a travelling mage, I can't stay here, but whenever you feel like talking, just give me a call and I'll listen to everything you have to say."

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