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    Flute of Space

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    Flute of Space Empty Flute of Space

    Post by Mura Kensho 21st December 2016, 5:38 am

    Name: Ocarina of Space
    Rank: Legendary(+)
    Type: Flute
    Description: A light-blue flute with lots of space inside, containing a few holes to regulate the sounds coming out of it when blowing into the tube. It’s rumored to origin from a lost treasure that a famous treasure hunter found out in the seas where it, according to sources, ‘floated on the surface in a bubble’.
    Ocarina of Space:
    Not much is known about this mysterious instrument, but there are obviously lots of theories; it could come from a mage, or a being above those who use magic. If used correctly, and with the correct notes, it can be used to alter space in different, versatile directions. A bender of space, indeed…

    1. If skilled, the notes can activate any ability almost instantly, making it of fast usage.
    2. One will be granted unique powers of space by wielding this flute. It’s a privilege.

    1. Every single ability/action with it requires the owner to flute. You can’t activate any of its abilities if you don’t let air run through it. Therefore, one shall always have it on his hands when wanting to use it.
    2. You also have to flute in the right order (therefore, you need to complete the Notes of The Flute job). Random notes won’t do. If you don’t have knowledge to any of the Ocarina’s pages, then it’s useless…
    3. It’s quite fragile, so it’s easy to break if directly hit by any weapon or spell.


    Song of Concealing:

    Song of Bending:



    Flute of Space Empty Re: Flute of Space

    Post by Guest 21st December 2016, 7:03 am

    Flute of Space VkztGmZ

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