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    #BestArcs [Solo - Job]

    Hero Yamamoto
    Hero Yamamoto

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    One Punch Man

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    #BestArcs [Solo - Job] Empty #BestArcs [Solo - Job]

    Post by Hero Yamamoto 19th December 2016, 11:24 am

    the job:

    Job Title: The Next Step
    Rank: B
    Player Requirements: Exclusive job for Hero Yamamoto and Isaac Anicetus; minimum 20 posts per player; minimum 350 words per post
    Job Requirements: Ask around the city for clues on the woman's whereabouts, defeat anyone who picks a fight (since Hero's a Rune Knight), and eventually find someone who recognizes the girl.
    Job Location: Talonia
    Job Description: The information Hero received from the girl's family led him to Talonia, the city of those who did not want to associate with guilds. He hoped that here, he would be able to find out more about where she went off to and why; maybe it would lead to another city. How far did he have to go to find her? He did not know the answer, but he was not about to fall short on the promise he made. Unfortunately for Hero and his traveling companion, the people in Talonia weren't all too fond of guilds or Rune Knights. It will not be an easy trip.

    Enemies: Each grouping of bosses will yield a clue that eventually leads the PCs to the job objective. Over the course of the job, random events will occur, such as a herd of boars rampaging down the road or an old lady taking forever to cross; it is up to the two Users how they deal with each of these random events. A minimum of 5 random events must happen during the period in which they are taking on bosses.
    Boss: x10 Bosses; x5 Non-wizard (B-rank) Guild Haters, and x5 Wizard (A-rank) Authority Destroyers

    Reward: 20,000 Jewel
    Aiming for WC total of 7,000 words


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    "War is coming. And when that happens... life will yearn for death."
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