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    Letter from an Admirer [Job]


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    Letter from an Admirer [Job] Empty Letter from an Admirer [Job]

    Post by Monica 27th November 2016, 3:32 pm

    Sirius Pendragon • Black Rose • D Rank

    "You want me to deliver this letter?" asked Sirius to make sure while holding up the envelope containing a letter. The man who had wanted him to do this who went by the name 'Eric' nodded with a flushed expression. "Don't be shy about it, I'll make sure I get it to your girl," he continued to say with a pat on Eric's shoulder. If the asshole side of Sirius had taken over, this job would have been jeopardized by his curiosity. He would have ripped the envelope open and literally stood somewhere reading everything, and trolling Eric by never sending the girl the letter. That would have upsetted him so much Sirius could see Eric drop down to his knees and cry, but his job here was not to make Eric cry. So after a pat on the shoulder, Sirius took off on his journey to the concert, or whatever event it was that was taking place in the middle of Magnolia Town.

    Truth be told, Sirius was not the kind of man to flirt with girls who already either had owners or 'love interests' and things like that. He would usually make sure that the girl he was flirting with was single. How he would find out? He had his ways, ways that only fuckboys were aware of, anyway. The fact that this girl was not only Eric's 'love interest', but a celebrity as well made Sirius lose all interest in her. She was pretty and everything, but she did not exactly have the glow that Sirius usually finds in girls that he like. Maybe it faded with all the things she had to do as a celebrity. Quite a tragedy, you could say. Only people would want her for her fame now and that was something quite sad if you think about it. They don't want you for who you are anymore. They just want you because of your fame.

    Entering the concert venue was easy if you were Sirius Pendragon. That name was quite useful in a lot of ways, and this was one of the ways. The ladies parted to make a path for Sirius to walk through, which he responded by saying, "Thank you, ladies. I'll remember this," with a wink to who was close to crying. It was not exactly like he wanted, but at least he wasn't going to sweat that much. About a few minutes later, she had reached the entrance to the backstage. Of course the guards knew him as well, which was something he was very satisfied with, because he hadn't prepared a plan to go backstage. He spotted the celebrity girl immediately, rushing over to her and placing the envelope on her lap. "A letter from your friend, make sure to read it," he said with a smile before leaving. Hopefully that smile did the trick.

    Location;; Concert venue.
    Word Count;; 500 / 500

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