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    (Job/Private/Aera Tylidae) Deliver my letter!


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    (Job/Private/Aera Tylidae) Deliver my letter! Empty (Job/Private/Aera Tylidae) Deliver my letter!

    Post by Lilim 15th November 2016, 11:42 am

    A day after a rainy day, I was strolling through town, when a gaggle of fan girls and boys trampled past me, shouting something about a celebrity visit to Magnolia. I walked off, shrugging nonchalantly, toward no destination in particular. A man, stepping out his houses' door, saw me and hurriedly waved me over. I stepped over to him, and he had a request, and a rather simple one: Deliver a letter to a childhood friend. After accepting the request, I asked him who his childhood friend was, and, stuttering, said: "U-um, you know that celebrity coming to town?" After that comment, it cemented my suspicions and I said, nodding: "You want me to deliver this to a childhood friend, who is now a very famous celebrity." He nodded profusely, and ushered me towards an amphitheater somewhere downtown. Arriving downtown, I saw the main streets blocked off by insane fandoms, each trying to catch a peek, or snatch a whisper, of evidence of their object of obsession. I, however, ducked into one of the many alleyways off the main road, to see them slightly populated by trampled people. I said sorry to some of them, being tasked elsewhere, not able to help immediately. I made my way, following an eastern path. Coming out near the amphitheater, I noticed a lot of security personnel where heading to deal with the mass populace, who currently, as of that moment, were rushing the security officers on scene. They left a few however, so I activated my Spectre, and vanished, walking through the guards with not much resistance. The most difficult part, however, was a massive man guarding this celebrity. He didn't seem altogether bright, so I walked back a little, and threw a rock down the path leading to the back of the amphitheater, and waited for him to follow the sound. He turned, but didn't move to investigate, but that afforded me the ability to slip past him, without making a sound. I came upon the celebrity's dressing room, and slipped inside. She was already dressed, but absorbed in her own thoughts. I casually walked up to the couch she was sitting on, sat down lightly, without disturbing her. Waiting, I finally revealed myself to her, causing a general shock. "W-who are you! You have ten seconds to answer me, before I call my guards." I slowly turned to her, and began: "I'm here on assignment, as per a man's request to deliver a letter to a childhood friend: you." I pulled out the envelope, and passed it over to her. She tore open the letter, and read it to its' entirety, before hugging me unexpectedly "Thank you," she said, teary eyed. I hugged back, nodding. I then bid her farewell, and headed back for that man I met on the street, only to find him standing out front, waiting patiently. "S-so, how'd it go?" he asked nervously, pacing back and forth anxiously. "There was no issue, and a Job done well." As I said this, he stopped pacing, and issued forth a great hug, albeit it being the second hug I got. "Thank you, oh so very much!"
    He then gave me jewel, and sent me off. Curious, I turn around and asked simply: "What was in that letter, might I ask?" he turned and laughed nervously, saying: "Just a love letter"
    Word Length: 561 (Sorry, I went a little over. Xd)


    (Job/Private/Aera Tylidae) Deliver my letter! Z8lAzQC

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