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    (Job/Private/Aera Tylidae) Delivery Girl


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    (Job/Private/Aera Tylidae) Delivery Girl Empty (Job/Private/Aera Tylidae) Delivery Girl

    Post by Lilim 14th November 2016, 2:53 pm

    On a rainy day, on one of the streets of Magnolia, I came across a delivery man who's mail truck had broken down on the side of the road, waving me towards him. "E-excuse me, Miss?" he tentatively started, shaking from either cold or fear. "I need someone to deliver these last parcels of mail to their appropriate houses, since I can't. My back hasn't been the same in many a year, so normally I drive around in my van. I don't have much money to give you for it, but I'll be much obliged." Nodding, he handed me a bucket filled with letters all tied together. Taking them, I walked down the street, looking for address markers that matched each parcel. The first house I went to was terribly odd, I tell you. It was bright orange, and circular, like a top hat. I walked over to their Dog shaped mailbox, and put the first parcel in their post, and walked away, closing the mailbox door. The next few houses were rather plain looking, all differing colors, but rather plain. Walking to my eighth house, I noticed it was a rather small home, no bigger than 200 square feet, and it had only one window. I walked up to their door, set their parcel out of the rain, and carried on. The next house, however, was rather strange, I must say. It was shaped like a circus tent, and yet was made out of brick and mortar. Their door had a mail slot in its' front, so I slid the parcel in and was done. next up, was a hole in the earth, quite literally, a circular hole in the earth about four feet across. Since there wasn't a mailbox in sight, (I would know, having looked for a half-hour, easy.) I dropped their parcel in the earthen hole, and walked on. The next two houses were mirror opposites. The first was a big house, that leaned to the left, colored white. The other, on the other hand, was still tall, but leaned right, and was colored black. Strangely enough, their parcel colors where switched, however. (Black Envelopes to the white house, and vice versa.) After passing those two, I came upon a house in the shape of a swan, and their parcel, as it so happens, was too, tiny folded swans. I carefully placed each swan in their postbox, and continued on my path. The next couple of houses were so plain, they stood out. One house looked like a stereotypical 60s house, complete with a neatly trimmed yard with a flamingo stood out front, a circular driveway, and an old car. the next house was just a modern house, with a normal car out front. I put each of their parcels in with their post, and moved on to the next house. This house looked like a regular house, but was painted purple, and had a huge tower built into it, making it look like a castle. They, incidentally, had a castle-shaped mailbox, that had a knight on the "drawbridge" (The door of the mailbox.) The next three houses had nothing interesting to report, but the final house, was none other than the house of House M.D., a cranky, narcissistic old man, who walked with a cane. (I could tell by the sign on his mailbox.) His parcel, however, was a bunch of pill bottles, with variously colored pills inside. I had to really stuff his parcel into the mailbox he had, before shutting it, trapping his post inside. I then took about a half-hour walking back to the postman, who was still there, but talking to a tow-truck operator. When he saw me approaching empty handed, he grinned broadly, thanking me profusely, before handing me some jewel, and having his van pulled away.


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