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    Deliver My Letter! [~Private: Kukki~]


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    Deliver My Letter! [~Private: Kukki~] Empty Deliver My Letter! [~Private: Kukki~]

    Post by --Cookie__ Mon 12 Jan - 23:49

    Holding the crisp white envelop in her hands, a slightly confused expression on her face- “So.. All I have to do is deliver this letter to a celebrity who is supposed to be performing today?” She flipped the letter over, studying the swirly handwriting that was used to write her clients name. “Or something...?” Kukki’s fox companion trotted up beside her, her large tail swishing against the floor. They were currently standing near the stadium like area where said celebrity was supposedly performing today. She was never really interested in things like this, but, this itself seemed to intrigue her quite a bit.

    Hurry up, Ki. Let’s get this over and done with!” Kukki looked down at her companion and grinned foolishly before nodding, “Yep! Now.. We gotta find a way in..” Staring down at her current appearance, she clicked her tongue in obvious disappointment at the fact that she wouldn’t be able to wear a uniform. If they were even lucky enough to find one. “Hey, Ki. Gimme the letter.” The bluenette looked down in confusion at her companions intentions, but only shrugged and without questioning the fox’s motives, knelt down and held out the letter, allowing Bit to gently clasp the envelop in her jaws.

    I’ll be wight bwack!” Kukki only laughed at her friends muffled voice, though when she finally recovered from her laughter, Bit was already gone and the crowd was beginning to feel suffocating which was strange for a humanoid such as herself. “Heh, well. I might as well find a way out of this stupid, over stuffed crowd.. I mean seriously?! What’s the point gawking over someone famous! Sheesh!

    The bluenette turned to leave the rushing crowd, only to be pulled back by, what seemed to be, the sheer force of the crowd itself. Attempting to push her way through not only the crowd, but her obvious curiosity on what the stadium look like on the inside. Because from what she could see, there was a whole bunch of flashing lights but sadly, all she could see was the faintest bits of the color due to the large crowd blocking the path into the stadium. “Oh c’mon!! Lemme through darn it!

    Finally making her way across the clearly crowded street and into the park that seemed to be oddly place. “Sheesh.. Finally! Some space to breath!” At the small statement, Kukki let out a chuckle rubbing her eyes. “Heh, breathing, that sounds hilarious!” She wasn’t upset about it, in fact, she only found it amusing and oddly interesting in her own crazy way.

    Leaning against a random tree countless yards away from the quickly growing crowd, she caught a small glimpse of a honey brown color weaving its way in and out of the crowd, before quickly passing by the busy guards who were obviously preoccupied in keeping the ginormous crowd of people from entering the already, way to crowded stadium.

    Woo! Go Bit!!” Bouncy forward on her nonexistent feet, pumping her fist into the air. “Yes! Now! Go deliver that stupid love letter to Miss. Famous-Celebrity!!” All the while, the copper colored fox had weaved her way into the stadium, sneaking along the edges of it before finally reaching, what seemed to be, a heavily guarded doorway. Immediately a sneaky grin passed across her muzzle before she gently laid the letter on the ground, stepping on it so it didn’t go flying away.

    OI! EVERYONE! SHE’S OVER HERE! OVER HERE!!” Acting like sharks to a large amount of blood, a huge grouping of the people in the stadium flocked over towards the door, immediately making the guards panic some what, leaving the door unguarded by several feet and just enough room for Bit to sneak inside. “Sorry Mr. Guards..

    After rushing through the halls, searching for that one door that had the obvious golden star placed upon it. Bit finally reached it, the door seeming to be unguarded to she simply banged her tail harshly against it before laying the letter down onto the ground, racing off. “Mr. Childhood-Friend sent us to give that to you!” Hoping for the woman to have heard her words, Bit quickly retraced her steps before leaving through the same door she came in, the guards finally returning to their post in front of the door and racing through the heavily packed crowd.

    It’s delivered! We’re done!” Bit quickly tackled her companion, a grin on her muzzle while Kukki just seemed to laugh her head off. “Yes! Now let’s go get some candy!


    Total word count: 755 words.


    Deliver My Letter! [~Private: Kukki~] XHOO0pR


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