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    Bully the Bully||Solo


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    Bully the Bully||Solo Empty Bully the Bully||Solo

    Post by kittykool75 Tue Aug 16, 2016 1:20 am

    Bully the Bully||Solo BGj480f
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    "So can you?" the little wimpy boy asked the young man who stood almost seven feet tall "Of course I can, just can't guarantee you it's in the way you want" Lucius said in reply to the school boy's request, the boy offered some money with shaking hands. In response to this action the young assassin just slapped his hands away, making the lame amount of jewels fall out of the young boy's hands. Which he instantly went on his knees to pick up "I don't need your damn money" he said, turning and leaving. Now to find these punks, not that he judged them to harshly, then that would just be hypocritical. But a job was a job, and he had to deal with these bullies, and even though he was requested not to hurt them, why wouldn't he. The thought of torturing petty little kids made the guildless mage smile slightly, the crying, and begging for the pain to stop and pleading to see their mommies. Lucius walked towards his destination, the middle school of which the kid goes to, along with his bullies. Yes, school was out for the day, but there was the abandoned school building near the new, recently built one, where the bullies hung out at. He just hoped he was there early enough for only one to be there, making his way down the streets, he adjusted his black cap. Also pushing up his sunglasses with his right, mechanical hand.
    Arriving at the half torn apart school building he looked around, and it appeared as if his wish came true. Only one the the main bullies' goons, he was sitting in a window. Smoking, probably drugs, all dress up like some emo kid. Which was normal, during these years in the young boy's life, the weird emo phase. "Hey" Lucius called out the middle school boy, harshly and in a sour tone. Looking at him with eyes of disgust "What do you want old man?" the preteen asked as he blew smoke out from his nostrils.
    Later in the day, the rest of the group arrived at the abandoned building to be greeted by the tall man sitting in the window. Sitting there behind their friend hanging, upside down, squirming with wide eyes. They stared shocked for a few moments before glaring at Lucius, who was just sitting smugly. "The hell ya do?!" a girl, similar looking to the boy, most likely his sister, yelled at him. "I think the proper way to say the is 'what the hell did you do', but I guess you guys wouldn't know that" he said, pausing his talking to slide down from his temporary seat and walk over to them. With a face full of pride he looked down at the children, staring at them with bright blue eyes filled with malicious plans. The boy's sister started untying her brother from the rope, doing this as the green haired teen pulled out his switchblade and stabbed one of the others in the arm. They screeched in pain and gripped their arm, besides the three mentioned, there was the last one. Of which Lucius assumed was the leader, taller, and more muscular, most likely just pasted his more pubescent stage. "The hell is wrong with you?!" the boy who just got untied. "I will also ask the same of you, all of you teaming up to beat on one little boy, sounds sort of pathetic to me" he said, spinning his knife between his fingers. "So now for today, you shall all be my little play toys" the guildless mage grinned, his face contorting into a face of psychotic joy. Most of the middle schoolers back away, though didn't run because their 'boss' stood his ground. "Heh, you think one of you can take all of us?" the beefy thirteen year old said cockily to the man who was, so much taller and stronger then him. "Yes in fact, I do, and I shall take my time with it." He said, continuing to grin as he turned around, grabbing the rope and looking back towards him.
    Let's just say the first part of this, was a blur to the children, this is because the assassin knocked them all out. All of them tied to chairs within the abandoned building, the girl, woke up to see the friend that previously got stabbed, cut up in so many places. Blood and bruises in many places, passed out, tied to the chair which had fallen over. "So it's your turn now girly?" she looked at the tall young man with absolute fear as he walked over to her. Later her brother woke up to see what she previously saw, and his sister, curled up in a ball on the ground crying, covered mostly by a blanket. "Finally, your both awake, you took hours" Lucius said, sitting in the chair that the young preteen girl was no longer sitting in. The emo boy looked over to see the leader also awake, both of them in such shock and fear. "Now let's finish this, I think I'll use this" he said, walking over to the young emo teen. Pulling out a lighter from his pocket with his mechanical hand he lit it, and put it up close to the boy, setting his shaggy hair on fire. Doing this cause the boy to scream, repeating something like 'Get it off' and 'Make it stop', very loudly. Lucius continued though, burning his skin, eyes, tongue, until he passed out from the pain. Letting out a sigh he closed the lighter and slid it back in his pocket "Okay, so you can go get help for your friends" he said, leaving the leader scarred by seeing all his friends get hurt, while himself left unhurt.
    It was midnight by the time he was done, though all of them where in bad home situations, so it's not like their parents even cared whether they where home or not. "Maybe this will help them out" the young dark mage said with a giggle, walking back to the little pitiful boy's house. Breaking in through his bedroom window which was on the second floor, he frighted the boy when he woke him up. "Why....wha-" he started to say before Lucius interrupted him by grabbing his hand and putting something in it "Next time, you deal with them" he said, grinning as he fully let go of the boy and the gift that he gave him. Jumping out the window to leave as the middle school boy was just left to stare at the small weapon blade that was just given to him by the assassin.

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