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    Job One-shot;; Missing Goldfish;; Complete

    Jiyu Kazehime
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    Job One-shot;; Missing Goldfish;; Complete Empty Job One-shot;; Missing Goldfish;; Complete

    Post by Jiyu Kazehime on Tue 26 Jul 2016 - 9:47

    The female did not really know what she was doing accept a job like this one, two whimpy parents who did not know how to tell their young daughter her long time companion a goldfish, had suffered something and died, no longer existed in the world! Honestly it disgusted the mage that people allowed to raise a child, didn't have the nerve to tell said child anything on their own, hired mages to do something like this! While she was often just fetching puppies, whine tasting or something, that was different from telling a child her goldfish was dead, it wasn't someone else's job. This sort of thing? Was suppose to be part of parenthood, her father had been the one to tell her that she'd lost her mother, he hadn't let the rest of the village do it for him, it had taken almost a year for him to finally speak the full sentence clearly enough for her to understand, he'd been the one to tell her about the death of someone she cared about, that information as always suppose to be given by someone very close to you, not a complete stranger! However these dead beat adults were going to use a mage to tell their precious child that her beloved pet was deceased, it was all wrong, and she don't know why she was doing it! Well beside's for the fact she was trying to take enough jobs to make sure she made up for the two years she'd spent with her leg's shackled and her hand's tied behind her back, literally. Whatever her reason's for doing this where thought, the bikini top clad mage knew they didn't matter, one jean covered leg rubbing the other as her still somewhat scabbed hands buttoned her jean jacket for insurance she wouldn't scar the girl with her still rather banged up appearance, she didn't need yelled at for showing the child that sort of thing.

    When she was finally led up to the girl's bedroom? Jiyu first noticed that for a goldfish this thing had been extremely spoiled, tank large enough to keep a fish community, so over 15 gallons, plenty of decorations. Clearly? This girl spent everything her pale skinned little self got, on that fish, and now it seemed like the blonde haired child was just sitting on her bed, waiting for her goldfish to pop back up into the tank. Why hadn't the parents left it there for her to find, that's how most people let their children know their first pet happened to be dead! So why had these guys done it differently. "he's dead you know, not coming back" the little girl shook her head at the mages words. "No, he probably just went for a walk." well what did her job description say about people who didn't believe what she told them? The female walked over to the dead beat, rich looking parents, leaving their blonde princess on the bed, watching for her goldfish. "I'd recommend just dropping a twin of that fish in while she's asleep. she did what she was asked, this was no longer her issue, tell and comfort if she cried, Jiyu had told the girl, but she hadn't cried. Convincing the girl the goldfish was dead? Not part of the job.


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