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    Impersonators will be shot. Survivors will be shot again. [JOB///MURA]


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    Impersonators will be shot. Survivors will be shot again. [JOB///MURA] Empty Impersonators will be shot. Survivors will be shot again. [JOB///MURA]

    Post by Mythica on 1st March 2018, 9:01 pm

    Job: The Masked Guild
    Rank: A
    Player Requirements: A-Ranked Wizard(s) or above, or 2 B-Ranked Wizards 350 word per post requirement. Thread must be at least 40 posts long.

    Job Requirements: Stop the Mysterious "Masked Guild" from destroying Clover Town and reaching the Guild Masters Hall too start some real trouble! They've been bothering Clover Town for about a week now, and are now attempting to ransack the town on their way towards the Guild Masters Hall to steal sensitive documents and records for their own ends! Must defeat either "The Golden Legion" or "The Golden Sword of the Masked Guild" too cause the entire Masked Guild too retreat from Clover Town and abandon their mission.

    Job Location: Clover Town

    Job Description: In usually lucid Clover Town, everything has been thrown into an uproar as a guild, known as the "Masked Guild" has appeared and harassed the town for the past week. They've been attempting too gain access to the Guild Masters hall while session is not in progress in an attempt too get their hands on some sensitive plans too come, and records from the past. Who knows what it is they want, the location of where certain folk were sent for imprisonment? The next moves of the Legal Guilds? Only they know their own true motives. Who they are and who they serve is a mystery, and they're not talking. They are drapped in all black, with the exception of their masks which are an errie gold, in contrast too the all black attire, complete with cloaks that cover everything underneath their wearing from shoulder too below the knee.

    Weak: Masked Initiate x10 (Not nearly as strong as the other members of the Masked Guild, they wear silver masks and attempt too surround their opponents due too their lack of raw skill and force. They come wielding spears, in all black cloaks with their silver masked hiding their features. They will attempt too surround their targets and destroy them quickly with their spears. They will go down with anything above B-Ranked hitting them and even C-Ranked magic will do above average damage. Roll "2 Damage die" per Masked Initiate Attacking you.  

    Normal: Golden Apprentices x5 (True members of the "Masked Guild", and wizards, their black cloaks and gold masks are symbolic. They wield large scimitars that allow them with their wide girth too swing them in a good area with each swipe. Roll "2 Damage Die" for each of their attacks. They have the ability too leap vast distances with a Telekinetic Jump. They will go down in 5 hits of B-Ranked or above damage, and 10 hits of C-Ranked damage. Anything below this won't do all that much damage too them, but it will still be effective somewhat. We're talking 20 hits of D-Ranked damage if you want too go that far.)

    Strong: The Gold Legion x5 (Wizards of the Guild, and higher ranked members of the "Masked Guild", they come wielding mighty bo staffs, tipped with gold and white rings welded into them that make clanging noises as they march. They specialize in Earth-Make, and Earth Manipulation magic. Their spells consist of slamming their staffs into the ground, and causing reactions from the earth, such as pillars rising from beneath their opponents, the ground splitting apart and creating 20 foot canyons for opponents too fall in, causing groups of 10 foot long and wide rocks too slice from the ground and levitate in the area before sending them slamming into their opponents. Their golden masks and black attire match perfectly with their golden staff and white and gold rings at the top. Their Earth magic deals A-Ranked damage and they roll "4 Damage Die" when casting any ability. Wind Magic will help you by redirecting a lot of their Earth attacks, and being able too float when the ground splits under you doesn't hurt either. Also if you're launched into the air by a pillar from underneath you, Wind will sure come in handy in mid-air. Takes 15 hits of B-Ranked damage or higher too bring them down, as they will defense themselves with Earth Magic, and Earth Walls at every turn.

    Boss: The Golden Sword of the Masked Guild (Standing in a completely gold cloak, and gold mask. Is their leader. He wields a gigantic, two handed scimitar of seemingly gold, with silver runic writing etched throughout it. He is a Requip wizard. He has three forms. The first, is golden armor, sparkling and thick platemail. The golden helmet glitters with a thin vision slit in it and wings. His gigantic scimitar remains in this form. His second form is similar golden plate mail, but it's seems more behemoth like with four golden wings that allow him too fly, as they flap constantly. The third and final form is Bushido like golden armor, etched here and there with silver. His weapon becomes a Katana, and his helmet is pure shinobi style, with a crescent golden moon sideways on top, and a mask of silver upon the face. He rolls "5 Damage Die" for A-Ranked Damage in his normal form with the gold cloak, gold mask, and single Zweihander scimitar. He rolls "6 Damage Die" A-Ranked, in the second, four winged form of his armor. He rolls "10 Damage Die" of S-Ranked damage in the final, Bushido Form of his armor after he Requips. His katana is blazing fast, and can Reflect Spells if he rolls a successful block against one of your spells. He requips through the forms at a shuffle every 5 posts, or into flying form if his enemies are aerial. He gets "5 Block Die" automatically each round. It takes a whopping 30 hits of B-Ranked damage or higher too bring this golden armored, requipping behemoth of a knight too his knees.)

    Reward: 25,000 Jewels, and Renowned Fame Within Clover Town.

    What a lovely day. The sky was blue and the birds were chirping. Everyone was outside. It all seemed so peaceful. So happy. It was sickening.

    Mythica wandered down the street in her usual black dress with the two twin tails hanging at her sides, the bangs of her black hair covering her face. A rather bored expression locked on her face. She held a small bag in front of her with both hands as she traversed the park's path, trying hard to ignore all the people around her. Their constant blathering and laughing, it wasn't exactly what she needed to hear right now. Not after the night before. She couldn't quite remember what it was she did... But her head pounded with pain, and every loud noise was like a blow to the side of it. She really wanted just to slaughter everyone here if it would give her some quiet. But she couldn't afford to go on a rampage right now. Recently rumors of her exploits had been catching wind. If she had gotten noticed here, It would surely end up being a very difficult time for her trying to avoid the mass amount of wizards that would be sent to hunt her down. As much fun as fighting was, she knew all too well that she'd be too overwhelmed. And Mythica had no plans of leaving this world yet. Still so much left to do. And people to... Meet.

    Sighing heavily, Mythica sat down outside a quaint little cafe. "The Little Teacup" It was called. She put the bag on the table and leaned forward holding her head and groaning before eventually falling asleep on the bag itself, still sitting on the chair. Many people gave her odd looks as they passed by, but she was left mostly undisturbed. For now at least.


    Impersonators will be shot. Survivors will be shot again. [JOB///MURA] LhSisKp

    Impersonators will be shot. Survivors will be shot again. [JOB///MURA] YBLGdPP

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    Impersonators will be shot. Survivors will be shot again. [JOB///MURA] Empty Re: Impersonators will be shot. Survivors will be shot again. [JOB///MURA]

    Post by Mura Kensho on 21st April 2018, 2:10 pm

    “Hey, Kyuken…!”
    “Uh, what is it?”
    “Remember Clover Town?”
    “The place with the Guildmaster Meeting? Yeah, what about it?”
    “Quite a nice place over there… it’s shocking what had happened, though.”
    “… What do you mean?”
    “Check out this request.”

    The shaman lifted up the job paper in front of Kyuken’s face. He had just woken up after a night of training - for some odd reason, he felt like developing a brand new spell that he was eager to try out - and he heard the random voice of a desperate citizen throwing the paper through the opened window. The paper managed to wake the young shaman up, and that was how he got to know about the Masked Guild; in Clover Town, where the annual Guildmaster Meeting would take place, a new guild had begun to trouble the citizens and demanded to enter the grand hall. A bunch of troublemakers, in the end… in that case, he would have to hurry!

    After having gone through morning basics, he hit the latest train that would take him directly up north to Clover Town. He hadn’t sent any notice to the client yet, but he hoped to solve the issue soon enough. Kyuken and Zirconis accompanied him, and Harusame was proudly tied to his left hip along with the Futsu no Mitama blade on his right. His new spell would require these two mediums, anyway…

    Finally, as he stepped his feet on Clover Town, the town… seemed more peaceful than he expected. Heck, not a single voice talking about any trouble, and it put him off for a moment. This would also make it more difficult to guess the client out from the rest of the citizens. “… Hmpf, they’re doing great,” Kyuken sighed, “Maybe we should wait for a while…” It sounded like a good idea; the Masked Guild would most likely keep their harassments discreet by having a very small frequency.

    He decided to kill time at “the Little Teacup” where he ordered something random from the tea list. He didn’t know any of these types of tea - there was no Ryokucha, no Yamecha, Ujicha, Aracha, Shincha or Fukamushicha. However, once when he approached a free table, he had to brake his feet and walk backwards by the sight of someone familiar sleeping…

    Smiling, he decided to take his seat at her table and wait for Mythica to wake up. This was… a new sight of her. She was usually clouded in mystery and, often, irregularity, but… she looked peaceful when she was sleeping. It was refreshing after all the weird moments that they’ve had together.

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