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    Where's My Goldfish | Your Goldfish is Dead | Mission | Solo


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    Where's My Goldfish | Your Goldfish is Dead | Mission | Solo  Empty Where's My Goldfish | Your Goldfish is Dead | Mission | Solo

    Post by Reiya on 26th November 2016, 9:06 am

    Job Title: Where's My Goldfish?
    Rank: D Rank
    Player Requirements: Solo
    Job Requirements: 500 words minimum
    Job Location: Clover Town
    Job Description: 
    A young, very young girl checked her goldfish bowl upon getting home from school only to find it empty. It's your task to break the bad news to her, as well as get her to stop crying about it.

    Reward: None.
    White-Ribbon MAVIS
    Beg forMercy. 

    Interrupted by two males, Mavis turned her head slightly to look back at whoever it was hollering at her on beautiful day like this, why was the woman cursed to be bothered.

    "Hey miss..." The shorter brown-haired male tapped her shoulder.

    Mavis, sighed completely turning, "Yes, what is it?"

    The taller male had quickly bombarded her with a request, "Can you break the news to our daughter... she came home from school last night and her goldfish's bowl was empty...- and well er, you know the rest..."

    Mavis looked at the two men amused, this must be their first time as parents and they don't wanna depress the child, novices. Although she hadn't had children she knew the most important rule was be truthful about the little things, because if your not then every little problem the child will over-react and cry constantly. Mavis gave them a grin.

    "Well, sure. Call it me helping you be better parents, a lesson to be surely learned." Mavis giggled at them, "So I just need you to escort me to your house so I may help your daughter find the truth to the empty bowl."

    As they escorted her she thought of many ways to break it to the child, the best outcome seemed to be play with her then tell her and cheer her up. That seemed the most obvious, however she wasn't one for the obvious route in things. She was a person to carve her own path and make it work, a trend-starter. As they entered the house she could hear the child's pitter-patter down the steps of the stairs.

    "Daddies!!" She ran to hug the two males.

    Mavis had to admit, it was very heartwarming to see.

    "Okay sweetie, this here is your new friend Mavis, this is gonna play with you up in your room while we get lunch started okay?" The taller one told his daughter with a sweet tone of voice.

    Mavis grinned, following the child up the steps and into her room, they actually thought she was gonna play with this child? Silly fools. As the door closed Mavis brought the child to the bed, where they would both sit.

    "Alright listen, your bowl is empty cause it died, they probably flushed it out to sea." Mavis bluntly told the child.

    The child began to cry her eyes out on Mavis, she simply patted the girls head and rubbed her back with her other hand. Seriously, why would they expect a stranger to break such simple news to the child, and why did this child instantly cry on her? Did they not know how to raise a kid? She should be screaming stranger danger and running for the hills not looking for comfort in her, she was a stranger.

    "Hey, look. It'll be fine." Mavis sweetly spoke to the child.

    The child sniffled, "R-Really? B-but he died..."

    Mavis began to bust out the ol' teaching of death mechanism, "Alright look, death happens it's natural, one day your going to die too, we all will someday. Even your daddies..."

    The girl started screaming at this point.

    "I don't want them to die!! I don't want them to DIE!!" She would scream out.

    Mavis hushed her again, "No no sweetie, it's okie. They won't die for thousands of years, nor will you. However, that's why we cherish the ones who do die, it was their time but not ours and they will live on in our hearts, we carry ourselves to carry our loved ones. That is the meaning to living, little one."

    All the child seemed to get out of the lecture was one simple thing, "So he's alive in me? He never died??"

    Mavis nodded, giving the child a disappointed look. The girl seemed to be happy and she quickly hugged Mavis, after an hour of talking to the child Mavis would leave the family, the parents glad that they were spared from such a sad topic for the child. 

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