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    Steam Bun Shuffle (Solo, Private)


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    Steam Bun Shuffle (Solo, Private) Empty Steam Bun Shuffle (Solo, Private)

    Post by FeitanKazeshini 30th June 2016, 7:37 pm

    On this day Feitan sighed heavily shaking his head as he walked into Oak Town. Why anyone would bother to hire professional magi to help them get ready for a restaurant gig was absolutely beyond him. It was just insane and downright stupid. What was he really going to do? What could he actually do successfully? It was no business of his however, as he was going to be paid for his time and efforts, so with that in mind he would indeed do whatever it was that they wanted of him no matter how stupid it was without complaint.

    He arrived at the location with a bit of an annoyed air about him he looked around. It was a very high end place where a lot of people went and spent an obnoxious amount of money. Feitan didn’t know the first thing about fine dining, he barely knew about cooking, and he didn’t care to learn all the fancy, smacy ways that they decided to run things. None of it mattered to him, but once again they were paying him, and he would do just as he was told whatever he was told to do and he would do it without a single thought of complaint.

    Now he walked through the doors of the restaurant sighing as he made his way to the host. Even the host looked at him with a very skeptical eye and shook his head. Still, he said nothing and allowed Feitan to arrive up at him before he spoke “I am sorry sir, but we are hosting a private event and as such we are closed to the general public. I am sorry.” This only received a wave of the hand from Feitan “I’m here to help you get ready for the said event. There is no need to worry about that kind of thing. Just tell me who is in charge here and what I am able to do to help.”

    The man blinked in confusion and nodded his head turning around he led Feitan into the kitchen where a man in a very nice tail coat was arguing with the chef. The two were going back and forth in a very heated language and argument that he couldn’t actually understand. There was nothing to do right now, and all he had to do was wait for the argument to be over, and then they would actually ordain to instruct him in something that he could do. So at present he simply waited for them to focus and it seemed like this would take a lot longer than he had expected.

    Deciding that the best thing was not to wait for them to finish the argument he looked and found a Sous Chef standing there directing some of the other cooks in the kitchen. He walked up to him “What work do you have for me to do?” He asked a bit annoyed with the way that things were going. The Sous looked to him “I need potatoes peeled, vegetables cut, pots put to boil, meat tenderized, and dishes washed. If you could get that done as fast as possible I’d appreciate that.” 

    Feitan nodded his head as he moved to a station that would allow him to do that. Instead of grabbing for things however he pressed his fingers together focusing his aura to them and making sure that the wires were sharp as knives. He stretched them only wide enough to string them between his fingers. He looked around and smiled as he attached the wires from on counter to another making sure they were fully visible in order to keep someone from accidentally slicing themselves in half if they moved towards him. With his station set up he grabbed up two large pots one was full of potatoes clearly meant for mashed potatoes, and the other he grabbed would be for the peels. Now he grabbed the first one and began to run the spud through the razor sharp aura wires slicing off the skins with such skill it was almost as if he was slicing through them like they were made of air. It didn’t take him all that long for him to do this, and with his aura wires being made of aura they were far more sanitary than any of the knives or blades in the entire kitchen. 

    He repeated this process under the watchful eye of the sous chef who couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Due to Feitan’s concern for killing his employers he had made the wires visible and his aura being the sickly green and purple colors it was it did look very disconcerting, but he couldn’t deny the results that he was seeing. Sure as the sun the potatoes were being peeled a lot faster than any other conventional method he had ever seen. So he simply left Feitan to his devices, and in only half an hour Feitan had finished peeling the potatoes needed for every dish tonight and he set the pot of them back where someone could go about mashing them up and using them as he needed them in order to make whatever dishes he needed to make with them.

    Feitan wasn’t finished and he gave the wires a soft tap with his fingers making sure that they were completely clean. He did this more for everyone else’s sake being that he knew full well that food, blood, nor anything else stuck to the aura wires being that aura was constantly moving, shifting, and changing. It was the cleanest of blades that could be used to be sure. Now he looked around and found the vegetables he would need to cut. The first was a bowl of carrots, the man near him who was taking away the things Feitan was finished prepping spoke to him at this point “Make sure they are cut very fine. They are going to be pureed.” 

    With a nod Feitan lifted the first one and began to bring it down like a knife against the aura wire holding a bowl under it and the slices were coming out almost paper thin as they fell into the bowl. It took him seconds to destroy and completely slice up the first one and he just continued to slice up carrots in the same speed. All in all, it took him less than five minutes to get through the two dozen carrots as he started to get good at it he began to cut them up two at a time as such it sped up the work even more. 

    Now done with that he looked to the next bowl setting down the carrots. He picked up the tomatoes and looked to the cook “We only need those cut in half.” He nodded and began to drop the tomatoes on the wires one at a time slicing them in half with ease and letting them fall into the bowl. This took him very few seconds as it was simply dropping the fruit; yes it is a fruit he reminded himself on the wires and letting them be sliced through without much more trouble. He finished the peck of tomatoes with ease setting them on the counter to be taken away. 

    The next items were already there for him and it was cabbage and lettuce. He glanced back and them man shrugged “Just slice it up really.” He was given a huge bowl to catch the leafy greens in and Feitan took the time to adjust the wires pinching them together at the ends and this in turned caused the wires to get closer to each other. This would ensure the leafy greens would be sliced up with ease and finely done so. He held it by the ugly inedible part of the head of cabbage and waved it through the wires one pass was enough to slice it up wonderfully. With the edible portion taken away he threw the inedible portion away.

    Once more this job was easy thanks to his aura wires that made short work of most things to begin with now in this capacity they were making quick work of everything he threw at them. He was done with the slicing and cutting prep work here so he simply touched the wires and shattered them letting his aura disperse through the room and nothing was any worse for the wear being that Aura traveled very strangely to begin with. He popped his neck as he smiled finishing his work here and then moved to a stove range. None of these had been lit, and he needed to fill up some things. He did this with ease and he moved about gathering up all of the big pots that he thought set on the stove range for such a thing as filling and heating. 

    Indeed, they all needed to be filled and he moved about filling up these pots with water at the point where they were full. He then moved them to the stove and looked to see that there were fire lacrima in order to create fire to use for cooking. He sent his magic through the stove and into the lacrimai creating fire big enough to set the water in the pots to boiling. This was the next thing that he had finished looking to the sous chef the man nodded his approval with a smile. He turned to look at the Chef and the man in his suit and really there was not much else they could shout to each other back and forth. 

    Feitan rolled his eyes as he went over to some of the steaks, and cuts of meat. He washed his hands completely before he moved towards the meats that were on the table on trays ready to be pounded and tenderized. He nodded his head as he began to strike the various meats and making them tender the best way he knew how, and it didn’t take him very long to finish this task. He was brought to shell clams, oysters, and debone fish. He didn’t know why they needed so much variety in the food that they were offering up, but it wasn’t his place to question it so he said nothing.

    At present with all of the kitchen work finished that he felt he could actually help with he moved out of the kitchen and into the dining hall looking to a woman who was instructing men bringing in chairs. She looked at him tilting her head in confusion “Who are you?”
    Feitan sighed “Hired help. What do you need done out here?”
    “We need silver placed on the table, and napkins. They are assembled already they only need to be placed.” 
    With a nod Feitan held his hands in front of himself letting them form a seal with a burst of smoke he appeared to be the demon ninja. He was now faster, and that meant he would be able to get his work done. He started to quickly move between tables setting the silver and napkins up with such speed the woman inhaled sharply looking at him like he was a monster in human clothing. Still, she wouldn’t argue with his results and was silent as she watched him.

    In all reality it took no time at all for things to be finished and soon Feitan moved from the dining room and back into the kitchen to look at his employers or whom he thought was. He snapped “HEY! Stop with this fussing! I am finished here now pay me my money so I can get out of here! I’m sick and tired of listening to your nonsense! Pay up!” The man in the suit looked to him without saying much. He was stunned and there wasn’t much he could do about it so he simply pulled out the jewels that were promised to Feitan and handed them to him. Feitan snatched them up and stormed off not wanting to listen any longer to this nonsense or be around these clearly mad people.


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