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    Deliver My Letter [Kai/Job]

    King Gil
    King Gil

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    Deliver My Letter [Kai/Job] Empty Deliver My Letter [Kai/Job]

    Post by King Gil 30th June 2016, 4:06 pm

    Job Details:


    even though i do bad things


    such horrible things

    Even the small things are important

    He had to remind himself that more often than he would like. Small jobs like this were irritating, and quite the bore. Yet he did not pick them at random, nor did he go because Kai was going, nor did he invite Kai on these tasks on a whim. Each task was selected with the utmost care, only would he complete it if it held some sort of value to him. In this case, delivering a letter, for a pathetic, weak fool did hold some shred of value. Only because the said letter was one that was to be delivered to an idol, a popular one at that. He didn't need to just earn the loyalty of friends of council and royalty alike, but also of those well loved by all of Fiore. What better way than to earn the loyalty of a popular idol than to bring her love in the form of a letter from a childhood friend?

    Of course, Gil would not be undertaking such a benign task on his own. He did need some form of entertainment even if that be from a pesky guild member, who had already accompanied him on a number of these jobs. Of course, Gil could only hope that the said guild member understood the importance of even these small things. How else could he trust him to go on harder jobs if he couldn't understand the importance of the simpler ones?

    "This letter."

    Gil began, once Kai had arrived, both the males standing outside the concert venue. "Deliver it to the idol. Interact with her if you can. She must know who brought it to her." Or else this job would be for nothing, "Make her like you, seduce her, or be a shoulder to cry on I don't care. All we need is for her to like us." By us, he means just the image of them, so that in the future some could vouch for their supposed good quality of character. "You know what you shouldn't mention." Gil more or less forced the letter upon Kai, any mention of Tartarus would lead not just to Kai's death but most likely the poor idol's as well. That would make their simple task quite the messy one, and push Gil's plans back. "There's guards, on the way in. I'll distract them." If someone could raise a distraction it was certainly Gil. Without further confirmation, not that he needed any from Kai, Gil moved away from the male, already heading towards the guards that was between them and the idol. Out of the guards and anybody else's sight, Gil had summoned two of his tigers, the two large felines would be more than enough of a distraction for the unarmed guards.

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    Deliver My Letter [Kai/Job] Ggg_by_treasureelf-d9i9e8s
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    Kai Dehiro
    Kai Dehiro

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    Deliver My Letter [Kai/Job] Empty Re: Deliver My Letter [Kai/Job]

    Post by Kai Dehiro 30th June 2016, 4:15 pm

    The tigers were a perfect distraction. Now all he had to do was run into the backstage. And so that was what he would do. Knocking on the door, he would wait with the letter at hand. And wait. And wait. The temptation to break down the door was great, but he knew better. And as chaotic as he was, he also had a brain. So he would refrain. The idol would veentually open up the door for him, and she seemed like an okay character. It seems like she was able to be influenced easily, maybe he should take the seductive approach. Or maybe not, but what else should he do? As demeaning as it was, he might as well to get the job done. Plus, it might make the man a lot more confused when he finds out that she ended up falling for him. Hello, love. I have a letter for you. Kai would explain, placing the letter out to her. On second thought, he would not even bother. It was too much work, and honestly, it would take a hell of a lot to be able to even have him act like he was seductive. He might have the looks, maybe, but that was just about it. There was nothing in his real nature that suggested he was actually a flirt. And since he did not really care so much, he left right after the letter was given. Screw a goodbye and everything similar to that, he was done here.


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