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    Kai Dehiro (Complete)

    Kai Dehiro
    Kai Dehiro

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    Completed Kai Dehiro (Complete)

    Post by Kai Dehiro 16th March 2015, 6:24 pm

    Name: Kai Dehiro
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Birthday: 4/7
    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Personality: Kai Dehiro is a rather likable man on the outside. He is great with conversing, but sometime can get a little overprotective over the small details. He solely relies on logic when it comes to conversing with people, he knows when to keep his mouth shut if it were necessary. One thing he loves to talk about is the other person, and he will do anything in his power to make sure he doesn't have to talk about himself, even if it makes him look the slightest bit stupid. He does this for personal reasons, but he doesn't plan to be so secretive when his ultimate objective is finished. He loves the animals as well, and he sometimes feels like they are talking to him, so he may seem a little bit insane when he would pic up a squirrel and try to converse with it. He is certainly not one to care about what other people think about him, he describes that as a fear that isn't needed in his life. He says he knows who he is, he doesn't need other people to tell him who or what he is. When he is annoyed, he does use his common sense to make some smart remarks, but not to the point in which he would offend whoever they are or whatever they can't control. He prefers to use their actions as a weapon against them. He doesn't like to think like everyone else, his sort of thinking is based on tactics and strategies rather than usually everyday things like what he is going to eat or what he was going to do. This he uses to target one specific man, every plan, every strategy, it was all based on one person. Overall, Kai can be nice from time to time, but he is a little bit weird and isolated unless personally invited.

    As a fighter, Kai is one to actually aim for the beating rather than give the kill. He doesn't like to rely on common sense when fighting, his only objective to inflict enough pain to get to whatever goal he feels is necessary. As a leader, he is willing to place his blade in front of anyone he is fighting with, making him feel like he should be guarding them at all times, even while they are very well able to fight what Kai is planning to fight. He cares for the people he fights for, and will do almost anything to make sure they don't take a hit. But, he isn't going to die for one specific reason that is personal to him and someone else. He is willing to let someone fall if he knows it would kill him to save them. As a fighter, he relies on pure strategy only, not trying to overpower his opponents, but rather outsmart them. This could resort in using cheap shots like striking while someone isn't looking, or aiming for pressure points with a sword in his hand. It's what he calls the "Simple way out" when it comes to combat, he will use it whenever he feels whatever opponent he and his team are facing isn't even worthy of his interest. If he fought someone one on one, he doesn't really show the best of sportsmanship, there was no reason to act nice in his mind when they were just going to hurt each other anyways. Even after the fact, it amazes him how people could actually say good game after a battle in which they have received severe injuries that could last for weeks. In battle, he basically wants to finish the enemy quickly so he doesn't have to waste his energy he doesn't feel needs to be wasted.

    -Strategies and tactics
    -Weaponry of any sort
    -Sleep, can often be caught sleeping
    -Time being wasted, it annoys him whenever he feels like he did something that only got in the way
    -Perkiness, often sets him off
    -Cats, a childhood fear
    -A bounty: A specific bounty placed on his target for 3 years. The motive for the target's death is unknown, but Kai will keep fighting until that target is dead.
    -Praise: Though it may not seem like it, Kai loves to be praised for his actions. These praises make him feel proud and even more willing to fight.
    -Unity: Whenever he is in a group, he feels he must do anything he can to protect himself and his partners. This allows him to do his very best when fighting and just simply be on the lookout.
    -Cats, every single one of them just can't seem to get along with Kai ever since he was seven. He always ends up with scratches on his body whenever he encounters one..
    -Defeat: Kai tends to take many things seriously, he didn't care if he won, he just didn't want to lose (ties, technicalities, etc.) And will go to great lengths to make sure he doesnt lose. Some of his actions may be extreme.
    -Outnumbered: He doesn't like the numbers game at all, if it doesn't work in his favor, his first resort will to be taking his team and retreating from the problem.

    General Appearance

    Height: 5'11 Ft
    Weight: 148 Lb
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Black
    Skin Tone: Light Skinned
    Appearance: His build shows anyone who sees him that he is rather strong, but he doesn't have too much muscle. This allows him to blend in with what is known as casual. He often wears a white shirt with the first 3 top buttons undone, just opening the shirt until it hit just below his chest. His tattoo for his guild can be slightly visible due to this. There is a small chain located inside of his pocket, half of the chain loosely hanging from his right pocket. It isn't really used for combat, but it adds to the look, though it may slow Kai down. His white shirt is what could be considered formal, but the long sleeves are rolled up halfway up his arms, neatly folded there. His eyes and hair color match perfect both of them black with a small hint of grey showing, in which some may describe as Dark Grey, or Light Black. His hair is spiky towards the front, but flattens out rather quickly as someone observes it going up the scalp.


    Guild: Sabertooth
    Tattoo: Sabertooth Symbol, located on the right side of his Collar Bone
    Rank: D

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    Completed Re: Kai Dehiro (Complete)

    Post by Thorn 17th March 2015, 3:50 am



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