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    Delivery Girl Yuno-chan [Private]


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    Delivery Girl Yuno-chan [Private] Empty Delivery Girl Yuno-chan [Private]

    Post by Sayuno 17th June 2016, 1:56 pm


    Magnolia was yet another town on her list, one she had to visit for the sake of money and some experience, that was all. It wasn’t much a town as it was a city, a decently sized place with many attractions and even a guild. Sayuno had heard of Fairy Tail, a bunch of googly-eyed idiots who had probably no idea how the world worked. She would never understand how people could even consider joining a guild like that but oh well, it didn’t matter much now. She was here for a simple job which purpose it was to help her get to know the city a little better.

    “Delivery Girl or Boy needed” was its title and Sayuno had picked it up at the mission request board somewhere in the middle of the city’s marked. Delivery Girl? Really? She thought to herself and smirked. If that’s how she was going to do things now she would have to look at it in a positive way. No one really cared what kind of job you were doing anyways, so Sayuno checked out the address and searched for whatever mailman who had been stupid enough to get his truck all wrecked.

    The flyer had been pinned down not too long ago and it seemed to be a very recent event. The mailman was waiting in some street for her and his truck was indeed broken. Sayuno had no clue how cars worked so she wouldn’t even bother with trying to help him fix it. Instead, she took the few letters that were left and decided to deliver them. He let her know that he didn’t have much money to give her but Sayuno couldn’t care less. She was surprisingly simple when it came to that and to her money was money. And money was good. All kinds of it.

    More was better than less, of course, but she wasn’t going to discriminate! She picked up the back which was filled with a bunch of letters and small packages and walked down the road. Luckily, most houses were next to each other so she could simply pick up the letters, throw them into the right letter box and move on to the next building. Nothing much happened but Sayuno made sure to hurry up because she didn’t want to spend all day doing this kind of work. On her way she was actually quite fortunate to meet up with some locals who referred her to good restaurants as well as a decent hotel where she could spend the night if needed.

    The last few packages were down the street at the very end of it and once Sayuno arrived and delivered them to their respective owners she returned to the mail station where she met up with the mailman who had screwed up his job earlier. He gave her the reward, as promised, and Sayuno made sure to be gone and out of their sight as soon as possible. The mission was completed anyways, so why would she stay? She walked down the streets of Magnolia and looked for one of the restaurants that had good reviews according to one of the residents, where she would eat and rest.

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