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    Delivery Boy/Girl (Job, Private)

    Alucard Delante
    Alucard Delante

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    Delivery Boy/Girl (Job, Private) Empty Delivery Boy/Girl (Job, Private)

    Post by Alucard Delante 5th December 2016, 6:06 am

    Arriving at the house where the post-truck broke down, Alucard took note of the silly Postman trying to fix it without the proper tools or materials. Adorable how mundanes thought they could do what mages could do. Normally, Alucard would have struck, or at least scared, the tiny man, but this was the man who was paying him. Approaching the Mail-Man in long strides, Alucard also noted the way he jumped. This was certainly the least manly of men he had seen in a good deal of time. "It is my understanding that you have letters I am to deliver?" Again with the jumping, the miniscule mouse of a mail man spun around. "Oh, y-yes um... they should be right about here. With that, he handed over a handful of letters to Alucard, ready to be delivered. As he turned back to his truck, Alucard began walking away again. Magnolia was a large town, but the mail seemed to all be delivered within about 3 blocks, going out to exactly 5 houses, an average of 4 each. First up was a big grey house, very boring, very normal. After three knocks, Alucard began imagining who would answer the door and was not surprised when it was a very boring, very normal little man. He had normal, boring grey hair, and boring, bland clothes. The interior of the house was very boring as well, and Alucard dropped the two letters to the man at his feet, leaving without a word. Hopefully the next place would be less boring, or he may need to walk out on this mission. After another bit of walking, and Alucard was upon the second house he was meant to deliver his letters to. This one was much more exciting than the last house, with a golden trim on a black base, and at least 16 windows on its 6 story front. It was incredibly wide, and he assumed it also went back a good distance too. The word mansion struck closest to home for this place, and it was definitely interesting. Looking to see which letters went to this house, Alucard found that all but one had this address listed. As he approached to knock on the door, it was opened by what appeared to be a clown, with makeup and over-sized clothes. "Yeeeeeeesss? it said, drawing out the E to an almost painful extent. This was the single most cringeworthy person Alucard had ever met. "I have mail to deliver, for a Mr..... Snekeltordenbern?" The name had almost definitely been pronounced incorrectly, but the clown didn't seem to notice, as he smiled wide and reached out both of his white gloved hands for the mail. Yeeees, that would be me! Cautiously handing over the mail, Alucard began to back away from the door, slowly out to the road. As he did so, the clown backed up 3 steps, Screeched at the top of his lungs, then slammed the door shut. When the clown screeched, Alucard had sped up to a sprint towards the last address listed. It led him to a tavern. This tavern, The Scorched Pig, had just received mail about a shipment of some sort, and the young waitress who answered the door was happy to see that it would be coming in shortly. Alucard nodded his goodbye, still in a slight state of shock due to the Clown Incident, and walked back to the mail truck. Without a word, he accepted his payment from the fidgety mail-man, now understanding why he was the way he was, and began the long, slow walk back to the Basilisk Fang guild hall, his guild tattoo covered up all the way.
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