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    Onward to whatever there is to see beyond Earthland(Job/Solo)

    Aoi and Aoba
    Aoi and Aoba

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    Onward to whatever there is to see beyond Earthland(Job/Solo) Empty Onward to whatever there is to see beyond Earthland(Job/Solo)

    Post by Aoi and Aoba 27th April 2016, 10:44 pm

    Job Form:

    The sun beat down on the two figures that made their way through the cheerful busy streets of Rose Garden, dodging Street vendors and moving out of the way of strollers. The figures, upon closer inspection would appear to be two young woman, Saika and Rin Kagamine. The older girl seemed around 15 years of age, with rather short black hair and glasses, her dark attire giving her a reserved, quiet look. The younger was dressed impeccably, with a perfectly ironed uniform of sorts and long white hair that flowed over her shoulders, some of it neatly pinned back behind her head.

    Though their appearance was quite different, if you looked at their faces only, you would see the slightest resemblance in the way they held themselves, that slight tilt in their mouths when they frowned. In fact, the two were siblings, siblings that had been together all their lives. These were mages of an independent guild, known as Sleeping Forest. Their purpose in this town today was to receive a passport, enabling them to travel from country to country. However, there were a few small problems in this endeavor. First of all, independent mages could not receive passports due to them not being officially registered. Secondly, the line for passports snaked throughout the town, so they would have to wait hours before receiving theirs if in line.

    "Rin, what should we do about our guild marks?"
    Saika fretted, patting her right shoulder where a red mark was under the fabric of her clothing. The older sister knew that her younger sister was extremely smart, and would figure something out.

    "Mm..." Not being much of a talker, the younger girl merely pulled Saika over to an alleyway, and pulled out a small box of paints. Taking a bit of the dark red, she reached up to Saika's shoulder and painted a symbol of the legal guild Blue Pegasus over their Sleeping Forest symbol. Turning her own shoulder, she let Saika paint hers as well. After packing away the apints, they continued into the crowds.

    The duo were met with dismay at the size of the line, and neither wanted to wait out in the beating sun! Rin was already scanning the scene, looking for a way to cut while Saika was just very uncomfortable. Her black outfit absorbed all the heat and she was sweating immensely. "Rin, do you have any idea yet?" she asked, a slightest hint of her agony in her voice.

    Rin frowned as she looked for an opening. "Shh, Saika..." was all she voiced. Finally finding one, she gestured for Saika to stay quiet and follow, which the dark-clad girl easily agreed to. The two wove through the crowds cautiously, avoiding people who might get mad at them for cutting as well as the authorities. The Rune Knights didn't especially love independent guild, and getting caught could be problematic.

    Luckily, the duo made it up without having to take too many pauses, and they slipped into the line nearby the passport table. Saika's heart pounded, wondering what would happen if they were caught. How could she ever forgive herself in Rin was caught?!?! The thought was completely unbearable.

    Once more, luckily, they passed by, flashing fake symbols at the lady and filling out their paperwork. She seemed more interested in texting her friends than guarding the passports from illegal mages like them. Saika and Rin each took a passport reading Blue Pegasus at the top, and turned back to go through. After barely squeezing through the crowd, the siblings of Sleeping Forest finally are able to leave the deadly passport crowd.


    Onward to whatever there is to see beyond Earthland(Job/Solo) H3Duo3CJ_o

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    Onward to whatever there is to see beyond Earthland(Job/Solo) Empty Re: Onward to whatever there is to see beyond Earthland(Job/Solo)

    Post by Ninetails Derpfox 28th April 2016, 5:12 pm

    Onward to whatever there is to see beyond Earthland(Job/Solo) MqXl8kK

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