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    To Earthland... And Beyond! [Job - Solo]


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    To Earthland... And Beyond! [Job - Solo] Empty To Earthland... And Beyond! [Job - Solo]

    Post by Shakil 15th January 2017, 3:09 pm

    Hargeon Town! The town of fishermen, as Achim called it, was a town that he had to visit today. Why, one may ask? To get his passport, of course! No man is a good man until that man has seen the world! Or, that's what Achim tells himself, and in this case, he has already seen most of Earthland himself, but nowadays you gotta have little slips to leave the country!

    It was late in the night, and nearly no one was in the building seeking a passport. What perfect timing! Outside of the large building stood a tall, handsome young man with messy black hair and sharp, golden eyes. All in all, he was quite the charming fellow. He wore a white shirt with a black, buttoned vest over it, long black pants and shoes, and a nice necklace with a cross hanging from it. There was never a bad time to be nicely dressed, he couldn't recall a day where he looked any less good!

    Cupping and pressing his hands against the glass, he peeked inside to find a lovely young woman sitting at the counter, clearly bored by the lack customers. She wore a radiant lipstick, and her stylized hair stood out. Not his type, but certainly a charming young lady. Looking at his reflection in the glass, he licked his pal and slid his hair back and smiled, nodding, "Looking good, Achim, lookin good. Heh." He winked at himself as he slid through the doorway to the counter, where the woman was slumped over, exhausted and bored. 'Why hellooooo there!" He bowed, leaning over the counter top. "Would a pretty lassie such as yourself care to aid me in my quest to travel?" He giggled.

    The woman raised an eyebrow, an questionable expression on her face. "Sure, sir. Just allow me to get the paperwork ready..." She leaned down into her drawer to pull out blank documents, and began to organize them. Achim looked at her with an inquisitive expression, tapping his fingers on the counter impatiently. "Long night, eh? Heh heh. I'm sure it gets boring here, doesn't it? I pity you, the night is still young, hopefully you get out of here soon."

    The woman giggled and nodded, "I suppose you're right, sir! Shall we get started?"

    Achim nodded, "Indeed, we shall!"

    "Alright then, what is your name?" The woman asked with a pen against the paper.

    "Achim Anicetus."

    "Achim....Anicetus... alright! Place of birth?"

    "Sin." Achim spoke bluntly with a smile, the woman looking up in surprise.

    "Sin, huh? Don't see many people come from Sin, nowadays! What's it like there?"

    Achim chuckled, "I was quite the sheltered lad, so I didn't see much of it too early in my life! It was really when I started travelling that I saw more of Sin. It certainly meets it's name... not a beautiful place. But I had pleasant memories there.."

    "I see, well that's nice! Alright, so, what guild are you registered under?"

    Achim scratched is cheek, adverting his eyes, "Savage Skull, doll."

    The woman stopped writing and frowned, reaching over to the phone. "I'm sorry sir! Unfortunately, those registered under illegal guilds can't obtain a passport... I'm gonna have to call the Rune Knights- GYAH!!" The woman screamed in agony as her hand would rest on the phone, but in her wrist would be a small pocket knife held in by Achim. "Ohh no, darling... we don't want that, do we?"

    "L-LET ME GO!! GYAAAAH!" The woman attempted to strike Achim with her other arm, but it soon fell down, limp from pain.

    Achim twisted the blade a bit, licking his lips, "Struggling will only hurt more, doll. See, I don't go out every night wanting to kill, you know. I am a simple man myself, and I like simple things. Sometimes I go out for a nice treat, in this case, I just wanted a passport so I can see the world a bit. Maybe get something nice for Milady or Mother. And for you to ruin that for me is just rude, you see." Achim began to unzip his pants, hopping over the counter and forcing the woman up onto her feet, her rear sticking out. "And not every man or woman appreciates their simple pleasures being taken from them. So, I'll take something from you."

    "Don't you touch me! The cameras are on!" She spoke with a grunt, Achim simply rolled his eyes as his fingers glided across her skin, lifting her shirt up past her chest and her pants and undergarments past her hips, "Good, I want everyone to see how sinful you are. It takes guts to have such sass towards a man of higher caliber. This is your punishment, your defloration. Plucking the petals off of your rose, so easily..."

    Achim began to have his way with her, leaving her helpless, and everyone who watched behind the camera a little Saturday night fun. While in the process of deflowering her, her blood slowly began to cover the counter tops red. She started to stop screaming, her body grew weaker. Achim could tell she was dying, slowly, painfully...

    He smirked, releasing her from her punishment. She had fainted at this point. "That should do. May God be with you." He kissed his cross, before taking the bloodied documents and finishing up filling up the remaining spots, simply marking himself as guildless. He gnawed on the pen, nodding before zipping his pants back up and leaving. "That should do it. Time to go home."

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