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    To Earthland and Beyond[Job/Solo]


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    Completed To Earthland and Beyond[Job/Solo]

    Post by Serenity 2nd August 2018, 4:34 pm

    Job Info:

    Serenity was in Rose Garden for a couple of days. She had no particular reason for being there other than simple curiosity. She'd heard it was known as the "city of magic" and wished to see for herself. Upon her arrival, she caught word that they were issuing passports to the neighboring countries down by the docks first thing the next day. Naturally, the strawberry blonde saw this as a great opportunity. Before going to check into her hotel she asked around for more information about what she'd heard about. It seemed that the passports were to be distributed by the magic council tomorrow morning starting at 9 am. Given that the fallen angel was a member of a dark guild, things could get complicated. After she got checked in, she took a shower then went to bed. The next morning, Serenity awoke roughly two hours before the time the passports were to be handed out at the docks. She got dressed, ate some food then put her plan into action. She used a letter opener that was in her hotel room to make a small cut on the back of her right hand. Using her magic, she manipulated her blood to form into a crystal swan guild tattoo on the back of her hand where she had cut herself. The tattoo looked like the real thing and was a beautiful crimson red. This could help the strawberry blonde pass as a legal mage and easily obtain a passport.

    The fallen angel's attire consisted of a pink and white checkered tank top with a white puffy-short sleeved shirt underneath. It was paired with some light blue capri pants and cream white flats. Serenity left her at around 8 am and headed straight for the docks. By the time she got to the docs, there was already a huge line that spanned up to two blocks away from the docs. It seemed she had miscalculated her timing but not to worry, she could always use her cunning to reach her goal quicker.The strawberry blonde stood in line for a good fifteen minutes but the line didn't move much. She stood in her spot for another thirty minutes without much movement. She was about ready to blow her top however, she remained calm. If she allowed herself to lose composure here, it would be bad.

    Taking a couple of deep breaths, then spotted a rune knight standing by who was most likely watching out for line cutters. She got his attention; "Excuse me sir, I was wondering if you could help me. I came all the way here from my guild to obtain a passport. I have family in Bellum who are sick and I'm unable to go to see them, I'm worried I may never to if I don't obtain a passport." She pleaded to the rune knight with a sweet and troubled face that made the rune knight blush. He cleared his throat then took her out of the line to escort her to the front where the passports were being distributed by a few council members guarded by other rune knights. The one rune knight who had escorted Serenity explained the situation to the others. The strawberry blonde showed them her crystal swan guild tattoo and was issued a passport. Tricking them was easier than taking candy from a baby. It was really pitiable that they so easily fell for sob stories like the one the strawberry blonde had fabricated on the spot but no matter, she reached her goal without wasting much time.


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    To Earthland and Beyond[Job/Solo] J2S9OCL

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