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    Funny Business! [Job/Solo]


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    Funny Business! [Job/Solo] Empty Funny Business! [Job/Solo]

    Post by Ahote 15th April 2016, 6:05 pm


    "A stand in for a comedy act is required as their main star got sick and is unable to come in. That is where you come in, the nightclub has been having a constant stream of bad luck recently and this show is its last chance for it to gain some business again. Make customers laugh and save this business from collapse."

    Ahote spoke aloud to himself as he strolled down the sidewalks of Magnolia Town with a wide grin from ear to ear, excited for this task he had taken the liberty to complete. He had hardly ever gotten the opportunity to do much of anything requiring anything dangerous, so even simple tasks seemed like jobs only he could complete. Even something as simple as this task was everything to him. It was truly an exciting process he was about to go through. Or so it seemed, performing strand up comedy wasn't exactly the excitement he thought he'd get but he was excited anyway. If anything, he was anything but humorous. More than anything, he was shy and timid. Though he didn't have much stage fright, he more or less just felt awkward in front of large groupings of people.

    But, Ahote smirked as he continued on his way down over to the nightclub. Yes, this little angel come prepared with adult jokes that he completely did not understand. It was complete gibberish to him, but according to bean bun seller he met the other day, this would get the crowd to break into an unstoppable laughter. He was confident that these would surely make the men and women laugh until their sides hurt.

    He had note cards and everything. The whole set. He truly was excited for this 'mission' of sorts, but he himself did not really understand adult humor, or humor. Yeah. That sounds about right. He was as dense as glue and it took several hints to capture the initial hint people would hint to him about something pervy or crude. He normally did not laugh at such mediocre, mean things. Laughing at someone falling or tripping? Why would he laugh? That was just mean!.... Well, in his mind, at least. He still had this childlike justice attached to him.

    But at that moment, he arrived at the small building of which was labeled on the note that was tightly held between his fingers. It was quite intimidating, really. There weren't any bouncers or anything, but you could already hear the loud chit chatter break through the doors with muffled chuckles and shared words.

    With one deep breath, Ahote pushed the doors open, older men and women's eyes immediately began to follow his movement, but the noise did not die. It wasn't soon after that that everyone went back to their meaningless chit chat. Ahote sighed in relief of the prying eyes resuming their endless laughter. He certainly did not stand out, but towards the low stage stood an older man with brown hair and grey hairs here and there. And at his capture of the little raven haired wizard, he smiled and ran over to him.

    "Thank goodness! I thought you'd never come!" He was practically in a cold sweat, nervous and paranoid. What Ahote was questioning is why. He was early, if anything, and the guests seemed entertained with their own voices. He practically didn't even need to stand on that stage and get them to laugh in order to get them to laugh. A comical sweat drop was expressed to Ahote, nodding slowly.

    "S-Sorry, Mister. Uhm, when did you want me to do.. uhm.. my uh..."

    "Right now would be great! Off you go!" He grinned and began to push Ahote to the steps to the stage, seeming more excited than excitement itself.

    "C-Can I get some water?!" Ahote pleaded, trying to delay his introduction to such a prying-eyed crowd.

    "Nope! Nope! You've kept the crowd and I waiting long enough!"

    Odd, he was still wondering how long he was waiting, exactly.

    "I've gotta pee!"

    "HOLD IT! Now off you go, shoo, shoo!"

    And there Ahote stood, on the stage. His client hurried over to the shadows with a devious smile to his face. Ahote took a deep breath, and decided to blast through them.

    "I-It feels like a fairy tale!... That's what she said."

    After a few moments of silence, the crowd burst into hiccupy-laughter. Some women were blushing and pouting, but chuckling. He didn't get it. What was so funny?

    "How many Eclipse Soul wizards does it takes to screw in a light bulb? - None! They don't exist!"

    The burst into laughter again, but, again, he did not understand it. Who was Eclipse Soul? He was clueless...

    "A Fairy Tail Wizard is more likely to get arrested at a party than a Savage Skull wizard. After one drink."

    The laughter only refused to soften, instead, getting louder.

    "Sleeping Forest sure fits it's name. It hasn't done anything for so long, it might was well be a group of nature observers!"

    He didn't really know how to react to this. He didn't understand.

    "And finally, Magnolia Town is so odd in both spirit and people, that even if you nuked it, you'd find some of the weirdest looking ashes!"

    And that is when he rushed off the stage, letting the crowd continue their laughter.


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