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    To Earthland and Beyond(open and shut)


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    To Earthland and Beyond(open and shut) Empty To Earthland and Beyond(open and shut)

    Post by Heyyew 17th March 2016, 7:04 pm

    Suzuran padded up and stood in the line for her passport, ignoring the rabble around her with an infinite amount of patience as the line moved forward. Even as they pushed her she did not react, uncaring so long as they did not hurt her or risk her life. She was going on a job soon that required a passport, else wise she wouldn’t be here. Waiting in this line did not bother the ice elemental. It wasn’t like she had something back at the guild hall that she couldn’t do here.

    The ice elemental pulled out a book from her back, one whose title read, “reading body language.” It just had human body language in it, but she supposed it would have to do. She read through the introduction. Teaching her what she was going to learn. Basically a long version of the back cover. This was not teaching her anything, but she would continue reading it just in case. She then got to the first chapter, which talked about the feet. Apparently it would be surprising to most people that a book about body language would talk about feet first.

    Feet, according to the book, were the most honest of body languages to read because people did not think to alter the position of their feet when talking to people or around people, while they might alter that of their facial expressions.

    Expressions. Odd they called them expressions. The face was a part of the body, why give it its own name?

    Any how. Feet, people typically pointed them in the direction that they were most interested in, be it people or object. Suzuran looked down at those in the line’s feet. It was mayhem in the line, but the majority of the taller human’s feet were pointed in the direction of the front of the line. The tall humans that had miniature humans with them tended to have at least one of their feet pointed towards their children. According to the book that was either because of divided attention or the person was just pigeon toed. Or there was something else they were more interested in, but they were pretending to be interested.

    Which of these Suzuran could not tell the tall humans were doing when doing this. She could find out by asking, but she simply did not care enough to do so. Why did not humans just verbalize their language? Why did it have to be concealed with body language? It was like having to decode what they were saying twice over.

    Suzuran flipped on over to the next chapter, hoping that she might get clearer answers with this one. The one about the feet had given her multiple possibilities about what a simple thing like where one pointed ones feet might mean. She wanted a straight forward answer, not multiple ones. Which one was she supposed to pick? Which one was right? She swore this book was only making her even more confused.

    She glanced up, and in seeing that it was her turn closed her book and proceeded to get her passport, handing her jewels over. She’d figure it out soon enough she was sure. All she’d need to do was study this book and maybe human body language would cease to be complete gibberish. Humans were confusing.

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