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    To earthland!

    Ember Wolf
    Ember Wolf

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    To earthland! Empty To earthland!

    Post by Ember Wolf 3rd April 2016, 2:32 pm

    Job link: https://www.fairytail-rp.com/t5544-to-earthland-and-beyond

    The rose gardens always drew crowds, whether it was for the unique mana-enriched atmosphere or for the bright lights and fun, the town was always filled with people. However today it drew crowds more than just the atmosphere and fun, and that is for passports! The passports were more valuable the normal as today they were free, if the person had a legal mage with them. And in a place like rose gardens, mages were bound to be around, all though the people managing the passports could not have expected this much people! And in the middle of the crowd was a annoyed and hungry Ember wolf.

    Ms. Wolf was not their on her own accord, no she would rather to try and find some free samples of some of the very delicious looking food they had for sale. But instead she was stuck in the middle of a crowded line and for what purpose? To get a passport, even though she was fully capable of going from land to land. But if she did not get a passport she could not join a legal guild, at least in her case. Her mind drifted back to a few days ago, back in the blue pegasus guild after the assassination attempt was foiled...

    Ember wolf had found her way to the blue pegasus guild kitchen, and began devouring all the food she could see. After all, she had not ate for the last two weeks, and she felt as of now she could devour a whole caravan’s worth of food...in which she actually managed too. Of course, devouring that much does not come without consequences, like being kicked out of the guild for example by the angry quarter master. In which, the quartermaster forbidden her from stepping into the guild until she had shown proof that she was capable of being a legal mage. Ember left clover town angrily as she wanted to talk more to her supposed relative to find if it was true, but doubt the serious guards would let her back into the guild. So she had to find out what made a legal mage “legal” and heard a passport helps with that. She foolishly believed that it would not be too bad to wait in line for one lowly passport…

    And now here she was, waiting in the crowded line as their were better things to do with her time. But she was forced to stay in the wretched line, all for the sakes of finding out if she had family out there...but that made it worth it didn’t it? To know that she had actual family...it was worth this. She barely noticed the paper airplane aimed at her head as she moved out of it’s way while managing to bump into someone. She growled at the person she bumped into, they were ready to confront her but after the growl backed off. After another hour of dealing with mischievous kids and her own patience, she had managed to grab her official passport to travel around earthland legally! After getting blinded and using a natalia wolf’s name to pay for the passport, but she had it now! But while she was at the gardens, why not look around for a little bit?

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